An Industry of “Conservatism”

America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host expose hypocrisies in the “Conservatism Industry”, and the clear and present danger of the leftists into whom that industry is slowly morphing.

Discover Scientific & Biblical evidence that people are born fundamentally good.

Hear how Corona Virus is just one more reason for the free world to decouple our economies from the one run by criminal, murderous slave-masters in China. And mourn with us as the plague of locusts rains misery down on East Africans already victimized by bad religion and bad government.

Fox News, (a staple of the “Conservatism Industry”) reveals their true editorial hearts by calling laws against fornication and adultery “legal loopholes still on the books”, and hear from a Catholic Priest who teaches that when it comes to the election, climate change trumps murder.

Trump and the Industry talking heads piled on Mike Bloomberg this past week for saying “Stop and Frisk” worked and that the welfare state is not sustainable… Excuse us… Isn’t that what you’ve been saying for 30 years hypocrites!

Betelgeuse might explode at any moment, or it could remain out there in space for a long, long time. (This nonsensical observation is brought to us by astronomers who claim to know how long it’s been there).

Yet another “insider” attacker killed American troops in Afghanistan in a war not won with all the might of America in nearly 20 years, and meanwhile the tiny nation of Israel can now shoot down drones with a LASER.

Another member of Gen X who was raised with ubiquitous pornography became a child molester. He killed himself as police closed in.

Tune in to hear about a “goth” philosophy professor pushing an anti-natalist, feminist, queer, posthuman, atheist, occult, vegan, human extinction “philosophy” (apparently informed by ancillary expertise in horror films) that defies the very definition of the term “philosophy” and is reason 1,119 to get or keep your children out of the government schools.

Mitch McConnell and the RE-publican Senate are set to bamboozle gullible evangelicals just in time for the campaign season with two fake, phony “Pro-Life Industry” authored bills designed not to save innocents from murder, but to advance an election agenda, (and generate revenue for the aforementioned Pro-Life Industry”).

And then there’s Donald Trump telling us that Mayor (of Sodom) Pete’s homo husband situation is “good”, a couple more police ambushes in NY by a guy who should have been executed years ago, Bloomberg and Hillary as “moderates”, Bernie Sanders’ mainstreaming socialism, musicians as handymen, heavy equipment, horse trailers and one of the worst times ever to discover your car horn does not work. All at the podcast below: