All the Children Are Insane

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host for an unflinching look at the industries, the institutions, and the alliances taking us to the precipice, and some advice on to do when we get there.

MTG is simply going to get divorced and move on (to save America of course), the lawyers and the judges are going to continue to build the “Just-a-System”, mad bombers, kidnappers and duplicitous political parties.

It appears that Clarence Thomas’ wife is the only person in the DC orbit willing to admit the 2020 election was obviously stolen, The Mullah’s in Iran appear to have made a deal with the devil, and someone blew up Nordstream (from the North Atlanic?) on the way to WWIII!

Two school shootings, (one in Russia and one in Philly) did not make the list of 1999 reasons to get or keep your kids out of the government schools.

Cowardice at the FBI led to it’s corruption, and continues to haunt whistleblower Stephen Friend, trannies are more visible at the Air Force Academy, and the kid the Navy accused of torching the Bonnie Dick, (who never wore a mask in court) was found NOT guilty.

All that plus: Support the Real Science Radio Telethon over at! PBS and Lucy Worsely celebrate the Black Death, Putin and Michelle Obama’s mom, the Sad End of a Political Love, and the funeral for a Corporate Church’s alter call.