Arrogance of Corruption

Join  America’s most attractive audio engineer as she and her host walk the minefields of propaganda in search of the canon prepared for a barrage of the truth.

We begin in the early morning hours at a Waffle House near you and the predictable felon with a machete there, then on into the pews of the Methodist church where “reconciliation through separation” marks the confusion there, and at at last to Boston where a bomber might get a new trial, but not because anyone thinks he’s innocent!

Hear CBS from deep in the bowels of television about trannies in Ukraine, from MI-6 in England about even more trannies, and then the almost comic relief of plain old lies and propaganda from Voladomyr Zelensky in Kiev.

The American Secretary of State is Blinken, the civil war in Russia is peaking, and the corruption of the church by the state is disgusting

We’ll present a brief 30 year history of the “sudden attack” of the Russians upon Ukraine, question lawyers who warn mothers about their kids rights, but neglect to tell them to get those kids OUT of the government schools, and report on more mandatory queering in the American Military.

All this plus what to do with your mask and your hand sanitizer in case of a nuclear attack!