Criminally Insane

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host for a review of the manifold criminal acts of the inmates upon the asylum.

See police roust a couple in their 90’s for sitting on the beach, hear about Boris Johnson’s illegitimate son, and watch the American marriage rate continue to plummet.

Find out what the heathen’s at Harvard think of home-schooling, what the weather men at the W.H.O now think of Sweden. And what the idiot in the White House thinks of them as well!

Harvard professors think we can endure lock downs and the like through 2021, Donald Trump can order meat processors to stay open, but he cannot make meat out of excess ventilators.

Hospitals are collapsing, and not because of COVID-19, but by the incompetence of policy makers, up to 60% of all epidemic deaths occur in nursing homes, and the aforementioned incompetent policy-makers created welfare policies guaranteed to inflate the number of deaths attributed to COVID-19.

Antibody testing continues to prove that the virus is far more prevalent and far less deadly than we were led to believe, but Bill de Blasio is more concerned with patronage gigs for his slow witted relatives to study racial inclusion and equity.

Dr. Anthony “faulty” Fauchi funded scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and crime is up in New York during lock down.

The Chinese Communist Party continues to persecute Christians, family detonations continue unabated, and the former great Britain no longer knows what attempted murder is.

All this and Leviathan, the bird whisperer, a viscous political forecast, Patrick Henry, and why locking our neighbors in their houses for fear of dying was the wrong thing to do, (so please stop it).



The Proven Cure

Get locked down and locked on with America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they bring Good News to anyone afraid of getting sick and dying!

But there’s not so good news as well… Apparently pointing out the obvious weaponization of the pandemic by the Ruling Left against Donald Trump can cost you your job, (if you still have one).

This week we look for silver linings all around; and one is that much of the redundancy and overreach of regulatory agencies will be laid bare, that solid science is yielding promising treatments for COVID-19, that the true fatality rate versus what we think we see now may end up an order (orders?) of magnitude lower), and that even researchers who kicked off the gloom and doom parade are recanting the models that freaked the world’s cowardly political leaders.

But those silver linings surround a long dark cloud; and that cloud includes the political ascendancy of Atheist & Coward Andrew Cuomo.

And is borrowing $6 Trillion in an emergency justified? It could be. But of course the Ruling Left never let a crisis go to waste, so much of it is immoral and harmful, (and the nationalization of finance could be one of the most immoral).

Saint’s QB Drew Brees and his wife Brittany are giving $5M to help their fellow Louisianans, (but because the parents of Louisiana relied on the government schools to feed their kids, they have to buy food instead of ventilators).

Someone in the absentee Governor’s office in Colorado abolished the just and good Death Penalty there, and instead redirected it and amplified it against the people. Meanwhile the equally vacuous Mayor Michael Hancock in Denver excepted pot shops and child killers from the “stay at home” order.

Environmentalists & celebrities have influenced a generation who believe that the virus is the cure and that they, (and you and I) are the disease.

For reasons unknown the genius mayor of Los Angeles “Fredo” Garcetti is determined (for the first time) to get the bums and vagrants off the streets! The problem is he wants to warehouse them in giant viral incubators.

The governor of Massachusetts is now banning filthy, germ laden, reusable grocery bags in favor of the clean plastic ones that made so much sense before the aforementioned environmentalists were allowed to hijack reality with their now obviously deranged virtue signals.

And once the dust settles, (and it will, just read up on the Black Death to know we have come out of worse than this) Matt Drudge (and many other media types) must be held accountable for irresponsibly fanning the flames of the panic.

Sweden is not on lock-down. We predict they will do as well or as bad as any other nation, but not significantly worse.

The American Department of Justice has issued arrest warrants for Venezuelan kidnapper and murderer Nicolas Maduro and his conspirators, (and put a price on their head)!

State and local officials are executing a jail break of historic proportion that prove once again that incarceration is an unjust form of punishment.

All this plus a potential mass shooting prevented in Tulsa, Baltimore’s population crater, the Farmer’s Market OPEN, guns and ammo, all possible Flu outcomes, and why Democracy is fake (and illogical).