Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they hold the line against the darkness that has come to take it all away…

Get an update on Charlie Gard’s family and others who are offering to help all of us to NOT murder him.

Then come with us to the Denver Central Library, (but steer clear of the bathrooms… if they’re open). But then a respite from the disturbing news of the day with the tale of a genuine American hero, (who’s not surprisingly a cop), officer Jody Thomson in Oklahoma!

Then there’s a couple of tales from the opposite end of the spectrum: Jayson Newlun the child molester, and Carlos Deangelo Bell, the public school teacher, (and child molester).

Hear about the advancing pestilence of Superbug Gonorrhea, goats displacing union workers, and another moment of sanity as a pilot tells his terrified passengers & crew to pray to God as he muscles their perishing aircraft back to safety!

We then visit with the leadership of the Catholic Church who manage to find time to host the Mass for piles of homos, when they’re not caught in flagrante delicto in a pile themselves…

We’ll document the child abuse of Searyl Atli, an innocent little Canadian girl at the hands of her mentally deranged tranny momma, and analyze what all those birth control pills and anxiolytics are doing to the fish, (and the people)!

And finally a salute to summer cyclists and sheep everywhere!!

All that, and the bird whisperer, a presidential speech where prosperity Trumps justice, and a clarification on just what’s wrong with the Catholic church. All at the podcast below: