The Children in Charge

Welcome back to a special Memorial Day edition of the Worldview. While other hosts take the day off, America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host bring you a fresh serving of decidedly biased commentary!

We discuss a Michigan town’s plan to charge $200 for cursing in public and how that foolishness relates to the government schools and the examples of destruction they’ve become. What with teachers recruiting young girls into cults, (reason 776), High School pornographers, (Reason 775), shootouts at the local High School, (Reason 774), poisonings, (Reason 773), & worship of the “Sun God” (Reason 762 to get, or keep your kids out of the government schools)!

Barry & his crew released thousands of illegal alien criminals last year, (and who knows what they’ve been up to this year). California is all set to obey the “order” of a judge who says a man who’s raped at least 40 women must be allowed to return to society. And religious leaders in eastern Europe are blaming the Balkan floods on a tranny at Eurovision. We ask… who has the greater sin?

The children in charge at the White House accidentally revealed the identity of the CIA station chief in Kabul, and then opened the door to negotiations with the HAMAS led “Palestinian” government! But at least the CIA says it WILL NOT spy on people using phony vaccine programs!

The Greeks are allowing NAZIs to participate in elections, French Jews are fleeing Europe at record rates, while in America, the Army is busy trying to figure out how to give traitor Bradly Manning the sex change operation that may or may not prevent his eventual suicide…

And at the same time 13 California Democrats voted to keep a law against sex selection abortion off the governors desk, and reports out of Detroit reveal that full one third of all children conceived there will never make it out of the womb alive.

Find out about the games being played with the life of Christian Meriam Ibrahim, sentenced to hang for her faith in Christ by Sudanese Islamists, a pop group in Japan attacked by a saw wielding maniac, and the disturbing fact that infamy has become an attractive option for American youth like the UCSB mass murderer.

The podcast below is a sobering look at the events of the week, and while we wish Chesty Puller good night wherever he is, we also pray for the Spirit of God to grant mercy to a nation that no longer seems to remember that He loves us.