Population Inversion

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host for a fast paced, uplifting, deeply disturbing examination of what we all knew was going on…

Hear from the RE-publicans pushing Ukraine to join the child molesters, (EeeeeeeeU!), from sluts like Brooke Shields, Bo Derek & Barbara Walters who seduced a generation, and from principals in the government schools, (where an historic “Exodus of the Decent” is taking place) who can’t even spell “D” or “F”.

Those at the highest echelons of power in the pop culture (Sony) want to corrupt women and children, (not to mention men), the tranny mania continues to corrupt the institutions of higher learning. And hysterical judges, atheistic Marxist school-teachers, and tyrants in black robes continue to enforce ritual humiliation & Medical Tyranny. upon the freeborn.

Terrifying tornadoes tragically tore across the nation Saturday night, (and the petty tyrants were there to make sure no one forgot about their irrational fear in light of the real thing).

The misfits, nephews, mistresses & derelict bureaucrats running the shakedown operation over at the Consumer Product Safety Commission strained out a .00039% death rate for portable bed rails, while their bretheren in the health bureaucracy swallowed a hundredfold death rate for the experimental COVID shots.

Swiss suicide advocates have rather hypocritically introduced a suicide machine, a Philly teenager proved the first (and best) line of defense against the “uptick” in violent robbers and looters afoot, a hero cop saved a young boy from being drowned by his mother, and Elon Musk might not know how to make a stylish car, but he’s not a complete moron.

All this and “slight spikes’ in positive COVID tests, how Fredo Cuomo and Chris Wallace might be swapping spots, how the wicked, (masked hysterics) flee when no one (particularly infectious) pursues, and why avoiding a blind spot with God will save your life.