Conservatives vs Supremacists

America’s most attractive audio engineer wraps the battle between the Conservatives and the Supremacists, (homosexual and judicial alike) in delightful melodies meant to blunt the pain of hearing America decline and fall.

We’ve got robots in the fields, grandparents discovering the socialists lied, and they do need their kids and grand-kids to take care of them after all, ( but now the government is just stealing the kids money) lots of wind, and a financial crisis in China.

Then there’s Japan’s epidemic of teenage boys who won’t leave their room, the worst possible “deal” with Iran, a catholic priest who is sick with guilt, and Scott Walker bamboozling voters who think endorsing over a million abortions a year qualifies a RE-publican candidate as pro-life!

The lawyers of the Ninth Circuit might think they can remove Jesus, Baylor bails on biblical morality, Homo-Supremacist H8 is on the march in Oregon, but the Benham Brothers refuse to bow, and Russell Wilson shows us all how to be a normal, decent human being.

And then there’s the poor victim of government regulators who never gave the guy a chance to learn a healthy respect for the power of fireworks.

Give a listen to the podcast and find out why we put the conservative in conservative talk!