Push Back the Perverts

America’s most attractive audio engineer helps her host celebrate the glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ by leading the push back against the perverts hell bent on destroying themselves, and our civilization!

There’s Hillary Clinton and Lois Lerner, collectively laughing about so called “email scandals”, while a mother “chooses” infanticide in a Manhattan restaurant.

California’s death row has run out of rooms for murderers, but they have not run out of sex change operations for murderers…

Scientists have proven a songbird can fly from New England to South America, but in Greece the collapse of the EU and the war that will surely follow is creeping steadily closer…

The 2 men dressed as women who crashed the gate at the NSA last week were more likely strung out, coked up, suicidal homos than terrorists, But that hasn’t stemmed the rising Fascism of the Homosexualist mafia:

The Christian owners of Memories Pizza in Indiana had to go into hiding after being threatened with death for stating that they would not condone two homos getting “married”. And only came out of hiding when they heard there were still normal people who would help them out!

The response of Governor Mike Pence? Cower before the queers and repeal the First Amendment!

And while reports of Andreas Lubitz’ “surfing suicide” online are still circulating; evidence that he was also a sex pervert have been virtually scrubbed from the current reportage.

Rabbis are comparing Barry Ho to the Biblical figure Haman, for his “deal” with Iran, (which ignores Iran’s American prisoners Jason Rezaian, Saeed Abedini, and Amir Hekmati), but grants the sociopathic mullahs a path to nuclear weapons.

And Iran’s negotiators are telling more of the truth of it than either Barry, or Kerry, (or any of the girls in charge of the executive branch).

And through all the “negotiations” with the original Islamic State, (the Islamic Republic of Iran), their cousins over at Al Shabab slaughtered Christians from the coast to the college in Somalia and Kenya.

The only bright spot in the continuing decline and fall of Western Civilization came in the form of an armed American man who prevented a mass shooting… by shooting the bastard before he could kill anyone! And all the people said …Amen!

Enjoy the show…



Hollywood Lawyers and the Point of No Return

Join America’s fastest streaming conservative talk show host and his extremely attractive audio engineer on an adventure through the news of the week from an eternal perspective.

McBurney makes it clear he does not stand with Bill Maher and his right to express his opinion of Islam. Instead he demands Maher be arrested for crimes against civilized society!

Then there’s the uplifting story of a grandfather who defends the virtue of his grand daughter by shooting 3 home invaders!

Hear about reason number 833 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools, they may be beaten to death for their sneakers, (this story may also qualify on the list of reasons to keep or get your kids out of Detroit).

Meanwhile “post birth abortion”, (formerly known as infanticide) is gaining popularity on college campuses across the land, School districts are giving equal time to God and Satan, Elton John is calling for the sainthood of “bad pope” Francis, (who attempted to discredit the account of Jesus Christ Himself who said that, contrary to Big Bang cosmology, the Creator made us “male and female at the beginning of the creation, not billions of years after the creation)… bad pope, bad pope…

In England, which gave us the King James Bible, religious schools are being told by the government to celebrate buggery or face penalties including closure!

Ted Olson, RE-publican, lawyer… confirms what your host has said for years… that it’s the lawyers and Hollywood who are responsible for destroying the biblical family and the nation. And Ted is one RE-publican who calls the advent of homosexual marriage, and his part in it, “the legal accomplishment that… …means the most to me”. And he joins a long list of RE-publican Judges, lawyers and governors who have been responsible for the greatest blows struck against civilization in the long, but waning culture wars.

And while the “catch and release” policy for terrorists at Guantanamo Bay practiced by George W. Bush and Barack Obama has produced hundreds of known Jihadis returning to the fight, back at the ranch it’s the transgendered American service “man” who’s written up in the post, friends of the Boston Bombers are allowed to live after lying to investigators, and Navy SEALs are breaking with the tradition of silence, (and maybe pursuing reality TV careers) by spilling the beans about killing bin Laden on Fox News.

Tune in and learn why the latest beheading in Oklahoma is more dangerous than the last one, how even the good guys on the thin blue line are tainted by their environment of unbridled, public sexual immorality, and reason 835… your kid might receive an inappropriate picture of his teacher from the teachers estranged homo partner.

So, (after you get a penicillin shot just for reading that…) listen to the podcast below and find out why this is the fastest streaming conservative talk show in the history of such things.