In Deep

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer distracts her host just long enough to get everyone through the darkness, the cynicism and the deepening sense that something just ain’t right.

We’ll talk science and creation in the Jungles of Guatemala, crime and punishment in Oklahoma, and the wicked executives of Hasbro trying to teach kids, and adults that cheating is fun!

We’ll peek deep into the black heart of darkness via analysis of the latest David Brooks Abortion Memo, the Social Justice indoctrination factories of the Edina MN (and every American) government school, and the legislative agenda of the pile of creeps & perverts atop California, against Home Schoolers.

We’ll cover eruptions of gunfire and madness with at least 2 more reasons to get (or keep) your kids OUT of the government schools!

We commemorate the anniversary of the mass martyrdom of Christians in Nagasaki, slap the Pope on the nose (BAD POPE!!), and honor scientists doing amazing work, despite the fact that they rely precisely ZERO percent on Darwinian evolution!

And you’ll also hear what NOT to bring to your MRI, the truth about male hip hop purveyor Jay-Z, why coyotes are preferable to neighbors in certain situations, and a bit of advice about how to best serve your fellow man…

All that. At a price we feel is more than fair.