Every Idle Word…

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host strip away the politically correct niceties to reveal the shocking, the disturbing, and the inspirational events that made the week that was.

Everything from who killed rock and roll, to Donald Trump making Anderson Cooper wet himself, to personhood-ish rights for dogs and cats, (but not babies) and the U.K.’s own Dr. Death.

We cover the shocking story of Planned Parenthood trafficking in body parts, (circa the year 2000), a survey showing pornography is addicting boys starting around age 10, and CBN haplessly, embarrassingly asking Christians to “pray for our public school system”.

Then there’s the New Jersey teacher who gave us reason # 917 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools, metal detectors in movie theaters instead of governing officials executing justice, and Barack Obama queering Africa!

Is Europe on the verge of another socialist revolution, (i.e. bloodbath)? Do naturalized citizens no longer have to defend America? Are there heroes who are not John McCain? And will ISIS attack America with drones they bought on Amazon?

Then there’s the Jonathan Pollard “bone” thrown to the Jews as Barry marches them toward Iran’s version of Hitler’s ovens, and Iran’s Grand Ayatollah Khamenei tweeting that Barry’s “nuclear deal” might just get him, (and the rest of us) killed.

No veneer of niceness this week folks, just the hard news, a few laughs, and a few more things to think about…