The Enemy Within

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they return from the edge and stare the future firmly in it’s face.

You’ll hear prophecies from Abe Lincoln and Douglas MacArthur of the most insidious of enemies, and find out how those enemies and others have put America on their payroll, all the while setting us up for the kill.

The murder rate is soaring, Larry Flynt is roasting, and serial killers are dropping, but not like flies, but after long sentences, and most often of natural causes…

We’ll recall the swine flu hoax that failed in 2009 as opposed to the Coronavirus hoax of 2020 that succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of the swine.

The deviant’s in the new congress’s first order of business was to further codify their deviance with the “Equality Act”, Nickelodeon turned Blue’s Clues queer, and in Texas major corporations seem to think mask enforcement will make everything OK.

Representative Vicente “Speedy” Gonzales stumbled backwards into the truth about catching the Coronavirus, and Rapper Chucky something or other’s contribution to the pop culture has ended quite appropriately in a hail of gunfire.

All that along with finding the humor in brain cancer, time off in the age of extraordinary popular delusion, Andrew Cuomo and how to get away with murder but not lasciviousness, the epic tragedy in Texas, and stories that were never true and never will be, and stories that actually happened and are happening once again.



Of Pain & Power and Hate & Joy

America’s most attractive audio engineer invites you to join her and her host as they pull back the curtain on what’s really ailing us, and where to find the cure…

Hear why love wins over opium, how spanking works, and why the state of domestic tranquility is making some of us pessimistic.

We’ve got government agencies applying misguided euphemisms to old fashioned criminals, while the new fangled criminals are in the government schools hell bent on molesting your child, (psychologically at best, physically at worst).

The homosexualists have been declared more politically powerful than the NRA, washed up grunge rockers are lashing out their post abortive dementia, and the enemies of the Living God are obsessed with making normal people acknowledge their wickedness as good, (especially on cakes).

Tranny advocates hate Curt Schilling, despite his large circle of tranny friends, parents in the U.K. are appalled by the near obsessive talk about sex, sex, sex, all the time by both teachers and administrators, and Larry Flynt lives, proving that our God is indeed merciful!

And while Bruce Jenner might not be quite crazy enough to make the “final cut” so to speak, the city fathers/mothers/others of San Francisco know just how to handle the enormous social implications of the whole urination issue.

Also find out why trolling Target bathrooms for liberals standing (or sitting) in solidarity with the mentally ill transgendered community could be preferable to boycotting…

And one last thing: would all you environmentally sensitive, transophile, gender fluid, tatted up, over pierced, millennial & hippie types stop spraying filth all over your neighbors as you “save the earth” with your disgusting paperless hand dryers!

All this and more at the podcast below…