Without a Side in the World…

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer props up her ailing host through an hour of commentary on the (not so) new world order.

You’ll hear the NY Times ask “where have all the children gone” in San Francisco, and w’ell entertain the question of how a Personhood law might affect the LGBTQFPH community, and if it is even legal for homos in Spain to be doing what they are doing to corrupt the minds of pre-schoolers.

Find out how a judge’s opinion is just that, how sleeping on a New York subway can be hazardous to your health, and how Facebook “Live Streaming” is magnifying the perverse, the criminal, and the suicidal!

You can get bamboozled over at CBN by President Trump, and learn how traitors like Snowden and provocateurs like Assange missed their “get out of jail free card” under Barry HO by not getting a sex change operation…

Hear how the Clinton Global Initiative folded up faster than a $3 pants-suit once they could no longer sell political access, how Obama’s commutations met resistance in gangland Saginaw, and how Malia Obama is set to carry on her alleged fathers efforts to organize various and sundry “communities”.

We’ll discuss the FIMS sleeping alongside the real Marines, and the latest shooting at a shooting memorial in Chicago!

It’s all here as we turn the page from one administration to another hoping the scenery might improve…



Burn in Hell Fidel!

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her sidekick as they celebrate God’s merciful, yet inescapable policy of ending tyrannical dictatorship.

After being accused by atheists of “killing babies with cancer” God demonstrated the necessity of the death penalty He instituted to limit the wickedness of men like Fidel Castro, (and you and me)…

Imagine the extent of corruption that would metastasize if the people who have participated in the greatest criminal conspiracy in the history of mankind never died

We’re talking about nearly all of the governments of the world telling their citizens that it’s perfectly legal and O.K. to kill the innocent…

And then when they are confronted with the guilt that the killing produces, (via the simple presentation of humanity), they will tell more lies, and cover up the evidence. And they will seek to kill anyone who would remind them of their crime.

And the Holy Land is burning… literally by the hand of arsonists, and spiritually by the tolerance of the LGBT cult of abomination.

And Western Civilization is crumbling… literally by the hand of demented sex pervert killers, and spiritually by the promotion of a culture that marks the innocent for destruction at the the hands of the very moms and dads who should be their protectors.

And while American soldiers are killed doing the bidding of suicidal idiot children in Washington, (i.e. training the Islamists that will bomb our children someday), Marine Colonels are willing to subjugate military order to an Orwellian world where girls dress like boys and go the ball…

Then there’s politics, where gullible evangelicals voted their pocketbook, and then dressed it up in “fake news” disseminated by extremely stupid people; expecting us to believe that it was God who motivated our evangelical “leadership” to promote an ego maniacal strip club manager to “end abortion” and make America great again!

Hear all about our adventures on Black Friday, our sedentary dim witted enemies on Facebook, and the hardware store robot who will surely improve service, and just might end the whole minimum wage debate!

Everything is at the podcast below, so grab it and go!