Drop Dead

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host survey events from the halls of congress to the hospital ward, and from the athletic field to outer space.

We’ll check in with loud-mouthed, empty kilt Prince Harry, the equally vacuous, but queerer, and maskier Karine Jean-Pierre, and Jose Maria Fernandez Sousa Faro and the elites of Europe faking the mandated vaccine!

Come with us to Germany where a doctor has been jailed for properly practicing medicine, to the American congress where the 2nd civil war was staved off by concessions on procedure and process by RINOs to power couple Matt Gaetz and Lauren Bobert.

Reasons # 2009 – 2,011 to get or keep your kids out of the government school: they might have to watch the art teacher die of an overdose, watch the teacher get shot by a 6 year old, or be groomed and molested! But on the bright side, districts continue to close government schools for a lack of willing victims…

Hear about comet C/2022 E3 – with an allegedly 50,000 year orbit through the solar system, how complaining about being sick in Canada might soon get you killed, and how the high priests of the Green Pagan Sex Cult running the world went to the wrong “Mount Sinai” with the wrong “10 commandments.”

And just as suspected child molester Joe Biden visits the Texas border, California Governor Gavin Newsom is aiding and abetting the kidnapping and potential mutilation of James Younger, (from Texas), working alongside the boys deranged biological mother “doctor” Anne Georgulas.

All that plus why we are assuming the heart attack suffered by Damar Hamlin was related to the wave of athletes collapsing on fields across the planet, (meaning related to known side effects of the experimental shots going around), CBS’s Scott Pelley leading Tony Fauci in a propaganda waltz,  Donald Trump, (the lesser and the evil), dating over 50, and the evolution of the term “my fiance…”



Reality vs Delusion

America’s most attractive audio engineer returns with her host to continue the fight in the long war between reality and delusion. Tune in to find out who’s winning and who wins.

Find out why a very successful tranny activist might burn down her own house down and kill her own pets. Listen in as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez questions the morality of her birth, and especially that of others. And then hear the studies showing that mental illness and self harm is on the rise amongst the young people listening to all of this garbage.

We have to go all the way to Indonesia to find governing officials who understand that it is criminal to fill the airwaves with pornography, to England to analyze what we can only hope is fake news about Prince Harry and his new baby, and to New Haven Connecticut to entertain a debate over trannies and hormone levels that has simply gotten out of hand.

Hear all about the study proving that homos make normal people sick, how professors with enormous influence on the youth are encouraging them to believe in alternative realities, but how reality itself declares the glory of the Living God and His amazing creation.

We’ll tell you about a baby born at 9 1/2 ounces can live, but how others that size are murdered, chopped into pieces, and sold for ghastly research in search of a cure for AIDS.

And we thank President Trump for walking out on Kim Dung Un at their summit in Vietnam.

All this and lovely review of a decidedly horribly, awful visit to a place we believe must be somewhere south of Hell called Washington DC. All at the podcast below.