A Confluence of Liberals & Terrorists, but God Watches China

This week your host begins with a pervert she-male wearing makeup for it’s DMV photo and it just gets more confusing from there…

The Worldviews extremely attractive audio engineer is forced to flee the studio due to the unpleasant nature of the “pile” of stories your fearless host embarks upon! But she returned to offer musical interlude to what can only be called a torrent at the confluence of liberalism and terrorism that symbolized the news of the past week or so.

The justice file offered a graffiti vandal who vandalized the courthouse in which he was being charged with graffiti vandalism, a grown man (and a government school teacher) was found hiding under his teenage students bed, and a grown woman who was raped by a client of lawyer Hillary Rodham, (Clinton) spoke out about the hell she’s been through since encountering Hillary’s prototypical war on women.

The atheist, communist, murderous Chinese government drove a destitute father of several illegal children, (“non persons” to the Chinese government) to suicide. Meanwhile Chinese officials have damaged or destroyed over 300 Christian churches this year, leading your host to suspect that something godly must be afoot amongst Chinese Christians.

A mother was told she had to choose between her eyesight and the life of her unborn child. And she chose her child!

Scientists on the make for liberal grant money may have struck the mother lode with research into the possibility that none of us have free will or bear any responsibility for the choices we make. The terrorists who kidnapped three teenagers in Israel were likely released from Israeli jails at the behest of the Barry & Kerry show, and the Presbyterian Church USA has voted to hate God and embrace deviant sex.

A tranny priest is all set to defile America’s National Cathedral, (if one can defile a place that filthy), Governor Rick Perry wants to talk about how queers need jobs too, and an elementary school in England has declared pole dancing by the little girls in their care “perfectly acceptable.”

Colorado’s first homo Speaker of the House has gone to work for Denver Public Schools, Barry’s governing cabal of homos and dykes has cut of welfare to Uganda for calling homosexuality what it is… a crime, while Barry touts the appointment of nearly a dozen festering homo lawyers to the Federal Bench.

And what are the odds that the two fiercely competitive helicopter pilots who brought us the O.J. Simpson slow speed chase would end up friends 20 years later? Pretty good I suppose…. But the odds they’d both be undergoing sex change operations 20 years later? Well, now that I think about it… I suppose those aren’t such long odds these days.

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Enemy Agents Have Highjacked America!

I’m sure you recall my ranting about how bad things have become under the proctocracy, (rule by lawyers). And not to diminish that in any way… but this week the concern that Barry might be a sapper, slipped under the wire is on my mind again…

But we’ll start with justice, and the lack of it, or the lack of our ability to impose it any longer. Lawyers pick the dumbest of the dumb for juries and we found the uber dumbest of the dumb this week. Then there’s Andres Davis, supposedly exonerated for a murder he was convicted of committing in 1980. He was released about a year ago, and now finds himself charged again, with murder.

Ralph Reed, (co-loser of the culture war along with James Dobson) put down the God of the Old Testament and made Bill Maher look like a theologian this past past week, Texas Governor Rick Perry made a San Francisco audience gasp when he compared queers to drunks, And the American Embassy in Tel Aviv flew the homosexual flag right under the stars and stripes for “pride” week.

While Israel searched for three kidnapped teenagers we all went on to discover that one of them is an American citizen, (no thanks to enemy agent and Secretary of State John Kerry). Boko Haram kidnapped another 20 girls in the same neighborhood as before. And now Iran is sending troops to save Iraq from the Sunni/Islamist force that is filling the vacuum we left when we failed to Christianize the place.

Hillary Clinton insisted on NPR that she’s the queerest of them all! insisted that because Personhood supporters don’t fully understand every aspect of genetics and human reproduction we should not insist on stopping abortion, and Melinda Gates was allowed to lie in front of God and everyone that her foundation will no longer fund abortion.

Tune in to find out about how the engineered humanitarian crisis a the border is being ameliorated by HHS with millions of dollars in grants for gender sensitive family planning care, the latest school shooter and the tale of his parents divorce, more reasons to keep or get your kids out of the government schools and more!

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