Giving Up Their Darwin

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she and her host pivot from pronouns to biology and back, all while maintaining their sanity in an increasingly insane world.

We’ll tell about ROBOTS & AI! And how one day they might even do construction!

And then there’s the rapper who murdered his girlfriend, (and will likely get out of prison some day)…

We’ll check in on Drew Brees and the controversy surrounding various thin skinned queers and his video for Focus on the Family, and how the controversy should have surrounded Brees telling kids to go to the government schools, (with a Bible or not).

But at least Jaroslaw Kaczyknski in Poland is willing to take a stand against the perverts marching in the streets!

Hear Yale professor David Gelerntner’s methodical yet melancholy demolition of Darwinian Evolution as the origin of species, and yet another headline to prepare the way for Darwin’s replacement…the ALIENS!

Meanwhile creepy homo, and attempted child molester Mark Foley (R) is making a political comeback as a conservative, Ilham Omar is sleeping around, and the first criminal activity reported from space involves two lesbians and NASA computers!

The BBC is teaching children there are at least 100 genders, the Daily Mail is entertaining the delusion of mentally ill pop stars who prefer to be called “they”, and a Ventura California school district is abusing children with gender identity confusion starting in kindergarten.

And if that’s not enough, the socialist madmen in Sacramento are also threatening Uber and a gig economy they cannot control, and are not getting their usual cut of we suppose. All while banning any punishment for public school children expressing themselves via willful defiance.

We welcome the death of Robert Mugabe, rebuke dirty mouthed politicians like Beto and Trump, and like you wonder just how hard it might become to protect against terrorist drones.

All this plus opium as good old fashioned medicine, and one of the most painful stories we’ve ever told. All at the podcast below.