Culture of Death

Join America’s conservative talk leader and his extremely attractive audio engineer as she wraps all the news fit to bump around in an hour with the power to really change the world!

We’ve got lesbians who say they were humiliated when mistaken for men, (even as they mistake themselves for men), Federal officials hooking up with queers (and Columbia) , the President getting big applause at the SOTU for his shout outs to the homos, and the IRS awarding a contract to the outfit that built!

The RE-publicans and the pro-life industry had an embarrassing fall out on capital hill this past week when they couldn’t agree on which innocent people they would consent to murder.

The Pope told Catholics not to breed like rabbits, while Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the NAACP said “black lives matter” while participating in the murder of innocent black people, the Dutch are assisting in the suicide of tinnitus sufferers, and “assisted suicide” has a new (albeit dead) spokesgirl, (Brittney Maynard, the one who practically killed herself on CNN).

The Shiah Houthis have taken the Sunnis in Yemen (and John McCain wants to arm one side or the other), a Philistine stabbed 9 Jews on a bus, Israel dropped a bomb on an Iranian general and some of his friends in Hezbollah, another Al Qaeda terrorist was released back into the wild, and ISIS beheaded a Japanese citizen to the collective weeping and candle lighting of both Japan and The West.

Tom Brady ain’t ISIS, but he and his team should be kicked out of the Superbowl for cheating. Marky Mark Wahlberg should have been executed for his crimes and should not be asking for a pardon, and finally, the shocking news that violence broke out at an “anti-violence” Hip Hop concert, was noted with all due shock…

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