Enemies, Foreign & Domestic

America’s most attractive audio engineer joins her host in ringing in 2016 with tales of enemies and friends, and asks who’s side you’re on.

We offer a trifecta of federal excess & hubris brought to you by EPA, State & SSI.

You’ve heard the old hippie, college student/professor line that pot doesn’t kill people? Well, people smoking pot kill people!

We got to San Quentin’s brand new shiny death chamber, a laundry room massacre in Southern California, and even over to Indonesia, where the pagans who rightly caned Michael Fay in 1994, wrongly caned a woman, owned by a Moslem man in 2015!

ISIS strikes in Israel, lewd lesbian teachers can’t be fired in Brooklyn, male basketball players are raped in Tennessee, and Judith Reisman & Mary McAlister draw a straight line from Hugh Hefner, to legal pornography, and right to today’s real “rape culture”.

We visit with Winston Churchill to find out what an eminently reasonable man of the 20th century wrote about Islam. And he didn’t say “radical” Islam by the way… just Islam, (or Mohammedanism if you prefer).

We update you on the latest front in WWIII between Iran and Saudi Arabia as one faction of Mohammaden makes war upon the other, (and it could just be that this growing internecine fight, and the plunging price of oil could be the relief (however temporary) for which we’ve all been hoping…

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