A View From Atop the Cataclysm

Come along as America’s most attractive audio engineer lends her host to the debate over the great civilizational cataclysm we find ourselves up against!

Listen in to the podcast below, and you’ll get in one hour what it takes other hosts 15 hours to achieve…

The American Marriage rate is at an all time low, the unborn are not protected like other people, a grandpa in Florida slaughtered his daughters and grand kids, and the people we’ve been told can be be killed because they are in “permanent vegetative states” have been found to understand the plot of an Alfred Hitchcock movie!

In Colorado, gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez has thrown the babies out with the bathwater in search of the pro-abortion votes that Karl Rove insists will push Beauprez’ RE-publican campaign over the top!

And when it comes to the government schools we continue to chronicle the reasons to get your kids out! There’s the grenade launchers, the trannys and the the Satanists, (not to mention the HIV positive child molesting music teachers).

The National Football League officially hates Jesus Christ, The U.S. Air Force officially doesn’t want God’s help, The Turks have unofficially joined the Caliphate, and the U.S. Senate has apparently voted to join as well! (Or at least to give them more guns and ammo). And in light of all this, the allies of the godless heathens destroying America, namely the Saudis; have arrested an entire Christian Home Church.

The war on poverty is over and we lost. Barry HO is reaching out to a virus for some political cover. Hillary Clinton pulled a Sandy Berger operation in the basement of the State Department making Benghazi documents disappear, and the main stream media is making it ever more clear, day by day, that their deep seated hatred for Hillary means she cannot carry their humanist banner into the giant flaming, seething chasm opening up just ahead of their parade.

It’s all covered in greater detail and with some terrific bumper music at the podcast below!