Like a Suicide

America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host document the murder/suicide of a number of people and institutions this week, (least among them the Democrat Party).

Listen in to hear Georgio Armani “apologize” for 40 years of abusing women, and find out about another mom who went from loving her kids, to disappearing them

Tim Tebow says it’s better to be known for saving lives than for winning Superbowls, Iran may be planning to destroy the tombs of Esther and Mordechai, and to ther chagrin, (or worse lack thereof) of his gullible evangelical supporters, President Trump has elevated an out-loud homosexual to Director of National Security.

One of the founders of the Department of Homeland Security, and whistle-blower against Barack Obama’s misplaced Islamophilia has been found shot to death; (no word on Hillary Clinton’s whereabouts at the time just yet)…

A man who survived the hell of the Syrian Civil War did not survive delivering pizza in West Baltimore, a madman in Germany who heard voices, ranted about conspiracies and ultimately murdered 9 people is being called “far-right” by urinalists world-wide, and Canadians worried about global warming may be acting out as terrorist saboteurs!

“Bail reform” in NY has produced a new breed of brazen criminals, facial tattoos may not be the career limiters they once were, and reason number 1,118 to get (or keep) your kids out of the government schools? They might be molested by the Principal!

Disney has introduced another pervert character to entertain your children, Michael Bloomberg had some fun with Donald Trump on his way to losing to Bernie Sanders, and even a convict knows that certain things cannot be tolerated, (child molesters first among them).

Scientists hampered by evolutionary worldviews may still stumble backward into unlocking the healing power present in the world before the Fall of Man.

All that with aggressive peacocks, shopping for clothing and more, at the podcast below.



Finding Reality

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she and her host pursue the last, waning echos of reality we as we knew it, in hopes we might lay hold of it again.

Join us in officially saying goodbye to “National Gay Pride Month”, and in welcoming July 1st as “National Homo’s Make Me Sick Day” (since we would never be so inconsiderate as force everyone to dwell on the perverts for an entire month)!

We’ll spend a good bit of time examining the plight of Generation Z, or Millennials, however you prefer to define them, and the fact that they may go down as the most lonely and sexually confused generation, only because they, so far, have been a most mentally abused generation.

Find out how the design of the cellular mitochondria, (a thing so small we can’t see it with the naked eye, and so complicated we do not yet understand it) confounds the idea of Darwinian Evolution, and provides hope that by decoding the mysteries of God’s design we might relieve the suffering of our fellow man.

Travel with us to Anchorage Alaska where their Equal Rights Commission complains when a women’s shelter refuses to allow drunken transvestites to molest their guests, to Santa Barbara, where the University of California publishes a Website exploring their sick fascination with children and sex, and to Tokyo Japan where the government finally executed 7 raving mad cult murderers, but far too late to deter the others lurking in the wings.

We’ll check in on criminals with no fear of justice (and no fear of God), and then with cops of a similar bent.

And then there’s Alan Dershowitz, Esquire who we discover whining from Martha’s Vineyard about whatever perceived miseries he so richly deserves.

We’ll revisit the story of Noah’s Ark in light of the secular myths that have replaced it in the historical pageant of tales intended help humanity answer the BIG questions of who we are, where we came from, and where we are going.

We’ll let you in on what’s pitting theTrannies against the Lesbians in the streets of our cities, the Disabled against the Greens at Starbucks and the boys against the girls in the Miss Universe Pageant!

All this and: a salute to Louie Gohmert for calling out Peter Strzok on his adultery; a rebuke of Laura Ingraham for taking offence; our thoughts on subsidizing the European armies of NATO; middle children; dogs attacking chickens (and peafowl); the cowardice of Brett Kavanaugh, the Thai Cave Rescue; and whether or not Tim Tebow can save Major League Baseball!







The Pop Culture/Public School Complex

America’s most attractive audio engineer is rejoined by her host for another venture out from the climbs of the “lunatic” fringe to cast their eyes and their aspersions upon the medicated and the stupid alike.

You’ll hear about the wretched and tragic products of the Pop Culture Public School Complex, and the whining teachers who’ve taken to the streets to admit out loud, (and under images of the commie clenched fist) they cannot handle the task of educating the children.

And find out what real law is, as opposed to RE-publican fakery, and outright corruption in the Just-a-System!

Discover a new way to handle drunk drivers, and the revelation of the fact that, just as we’ve all suspected for sometime… Washington DC is on drugs!

Europe has ordered the murder of Alfie Evans and Vincent Lambert instead of allowing people who loved them to care for them.

So while it seems civilization has descended to the madmen, God’s amazing design of the human immune system, in all it’s power continues to be revealed by cooler heads.

Finland has proven that stealing money to give it to slackers is a bad idea.

A world renowned, well respected deviant burned himself to death in the park, while another world renowned, well respected deviant had a stroke and none of those heaping the renown and respect seemed to even notice…

The latino caravan expected at the Mexican/American border on Easter arrived this morning

Liberals honored Ira Einhorn on Earth Day by discovering a body in Indianapolis.

Perhaps only Tim Tebow can save Major League Baseball.

And it is our opinion that the indelible legacy of Donald Trumps presidency will be that he persuaded evangelicals to affirm him in adultery to the detriment of his eternal soul.

All that along with Joy Reid, Bill Cosby, #MeToo, black guys loitering at Starbucks, Tucker Carlson stumbling into a description of God, and not a word about Jim Comey or collusion!