The American NAZI Party

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer reaches out to soothe the fraying nerves of a nation by wrapping serious opinions & the news of the day with bits of musical fun!

Hear about the mentally deranged sex perverts at People magazine and their public abuse of confused children (and parents).

Learn why child killers in black robes will deny the Personhood of a 6 day old baby to maintain their bloody facade, how Barry HO has finally decided to go to war with ISIS, (well, maybe…), and how Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy compares his court’s opinions to the NAZIs!

Meanwhile, in a classic case of mixed up priorities, Baltimore the police are being outfitted with body cameras before the politicians and lawyers.

The new breed of maniac children continued their rampages through the streets of Ft. Worth Texas, in the halls of California high schools, and in mass hysteria brawls in Pennsylvania.

And if a football coach dares to pray for the little heathens he risks losing his career!

Speaking of football, if you were thinking of signing your kid up for Snoop Dogg’s “Snoop Yoof” Football league, you’d better think again, (and what were you thinking about in the first place)?

And then there’s the Waffle House… need we say more?

Enjoy the podcast below, and we’ll start gearing up for next week, should civilization miraculously make it that far once again…