The Pop Culture Branch

With all the intrigue between the executive and judicial branches this week… find out why America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host fear another branch even more!

We begin in Japan where porn kills, (literally), then to Chapel Hill where the upcoming March 8th “Day Without Dykes” proves beneficial to school children, and then on to Michelle Obama and Barry HO’s house where Valerie Jarrett has moved in, (and she is NOT the cleaning lady)!

As to politics, listen in to your host’s theory as to why all the shenanigans with wiretaps, NSA resignations and a seemingly schizo FBI director may all be related to something you might not have considered…

The age of Celebrity Caesars is tempting Oprah, a The Henagar Drive-In Theatre in DeKalb County Alabama is refusing to wear the ribbon, (or show the sodomy of Disney), and at UMinn a frat pledge was raped by another man.

Join us in celebrating the fact that for most of America… homos (still) make us sick!

Find out what “uncle” Joe and Hunter “Caligula” Biden are up to with the ladies of the family  and why spokesmen for the communist Pope Francis are advising against the solution to Islam’s coming demographic victory over Christendom.

Then there is the shame of the abortion regulators on full display in Iowa, as Pro-Life Industry professionals celebrate allowing 95%+ of all surgical abortions while failing to to recognize that the Personhood movement is teaching us that those being murdered are in fact people…

Spain is looking for a bureaucrat to write up a policy to try and get the homosexualized, drugged out, self indulgent secular population to have some children, while Subway (in Canada anyway, aye)  may be putting less than half a chicken in every pot!

Get that and some laughs at the podcast…



Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she bumps in and out of the various misadventures of America’s Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse, (and others…)

That’s right, we name names! Samantha Power, Valerie Jarrett, Victoria Nuland & Susan Rice have seized the levers of power within the Proctocracy! And they’re threatening to bring their brand of Humanist self worship from the White House to your house!

Meanwhile in Iceland, a thousand years of Christianity is slowly giving way to the return of Thor, while the US Supreme Court is considering whether 30 years of food, water, shelter and medical care constitutes “cruel and unusual punishment” for a convicted murderer, and the growing controversy over vaccinations is addressed by the host with a moderate position.

Polygamy has gone from a crime to reality show, Pope Francis lands in the “good pope” file with his defense of fatherhood and corporal punishment, and the Archeologists spade has once again confirmed the historicity of the Bible!

Iran is very close to winning the war begun by hapless humanist George W. Bush, who thought democracy was the answer, (but it turns out Iran has a different solution). The rulers in Japan are trying to figure out whether to weep, or wet themselves over the ISIS murder of their citizens, (Barry HO suggests that golf is his preferred coping mechanism), and the Western Allies have apparently decided to arm another unstable, Middle Eastern country, (this time Jordan) in hopes of maybe containing the Islamic State…

Speaking of the Islamic State: their treasurer in Syria has fled, stealing a million dollars from his fellow “holy” warriors, leaving former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to conclude that they simply cannot be defeated.

And finally, while humanist actress Julianne Moore insists she has “completely created my own life”, US Army Ranger school will welcome it’s first group of girls to camp in April, at the insistence of the aforementioned Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse, who we believe are just the girls to lead the first Army Ranger Amazon Brigade into battle!

Tip of the spear baby!