Genesis of Genocide

Tune in and hear America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they explain the danger of giving suicidal idiot children audience, grants, tenure and even real power…

Hear fantasies of a habitable Venus from 2 billion fantastical years ago, Ivy league insanity over the term “man”, a serial arsonist vs global climate changers, and Al Gore vs rainfall…

And the gender fluid, occupy, climate changing idiots continue to molest the intellect of every American present and future!

Special needs rape makes reason number 1054 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools, and even the most heinous of murders cannot stop the wall to wall coverage of Clinton/Trump/Clinton/Trump/Polls/Trump Clinton news coverage.

Walmart is apparently overrun with criminal behavior, homeless schizos are flocking to Denver to smoke pot, (which the Barry HO administration is still classifying as dangerous until they can fund the study to prove that dope is actually medicine), Even in light of the evidence that smoking dope can make you go crazy, and even murder people.

Hear how CNN and the rest of the left interpret wealth and freedom in light of their  suspicion & envy

And as it should be, we have a footnote on Hillary, but only as it relates to her problem with… email criminal activity, and her pal George Soros and his spawn of Satan son Alex Soros who rubs elbows with just about everyone involved in engineering what we are referring to in the title of today’s podcast.