Things That Should & Should Not Exist…

This week the world of conservative talk was rocked by the Weekly Worldview’s extremely attractive audio engineer, and the poignant analysis of her host.

We’ve got the world’s oldest person on longevity and how she achieved it, Ed Snowden dogging life in Russia, Ben Carson bowing to the homosexualists, ABC “Family” committing a queer felony against teenagers on national TV, (and celebrating instead of awaiting trial in chains), Three queer Buddhists getting “married” & Barry Obama making Stonewall the equivalent of D-Day!

In Nigeria Boko Haram uses teenage girls as suicide bombers, while in America the government schools produce suicide and expose their students to pornography.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz insists what the world needs most is more abortions, Al Franken apologized to Emily’s list for being a “guy”, and we were reminded of how, in 1972 Walter Cronkite told us global cooling was “the way it was”.

And then there’s coverage of the old San Francisco tradition o0f smoking dope, removing your pants and being robbed…

Finally we hear from astronomers and scientist as they analyze the latest evidence against the Big Bang, while random noise from space has others all aflutter in hopes of finding intelligent life for whom they can post their annoying self absorbed social media updates.

Tune in to the Podcast for some of the most entertaining and important conservative talk of our generation!