Hell on Earth

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she and her host explain the election of America’s first Celebrity Caesar, and why it doesn’t matter as much as you might think…

Find out about researchers investigating the “eerie theory” of the human soul & the furor over the Korean president’s cultish advisor.

Hear about the only thing that might actually make America great again – the explosion of home-schooling in America, presented against the backdrop of suicide among publicly educated prepubescents.

And (forget about the end of America…) hear about the end of the world for one family in Missouri.

And in election news… Despite having all the pot they want, Colorado & Washington DC voted to kill themselves, while California, Florida and North Dakota legalized the same dope that seems to have left the appetites of Coloradans unsated and contemplating suicide…

Meanwhile on the war front: The Pentagon is planning to recruit the next generation of American military “heroes” from the ranks of urban drug addicted, obese single moms!

The war at your door continued in Chicago as the bloodletting surpassed 600 souls for 2016.

The War on Police ended the world for officers in Georgia, New York, and Iowa.

And while generally ignorant of the fact that a woman was found chained up as a slave by one of their neighbors in South Carolina, the suicidal idiot children of the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama era feared for their lives over the election of a philandering Democrat strip club owner as their president!

And as Venezuela continued it’s slide toward Hell on earth with the military taking over the medical sector, Nigeria proved to be the ultimate example of this earthly vision of hell, with an investigation into rape and abused by Nigerian police and military of the girls they “rescued” from Boko Haram.

But on a brighter note, Janet Reno is dead! And has gone on to her just reward…

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