Uncivil Unrest

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host review the week from Ambush to Zika with a perspective that just might make you think.

We’ve got two or three witnesses against bringing Joe Paterno’s statue back to Penn State, “local transients” abusing children in Twentynine Palms, and China increasing tension, (as if we needed any more of that)!

The filming of the sequel to “50 Shades of Grey” was ironically interrupted by a terrorist attack, Zika has been confirmed to be a venereal disease and the Washington Post has given phony “pro-family industry” leaders a perfect fund-raising opportunity.

Christians were told we won a “victory” against homo “marriage” in Kentucky, but it was just a legalistic workaround so bureaucrat Kim Davis can continue collecting a paycheck while marrying off queers…

Trannies are roaming the dressing rooms at Target and the summer camps of Essex, Methodists have put a homo in the Bishoprick, and Pamela Geller is set to defile herself alongside open flaming & “conservative” homo Milo Yiannopolous and other deviants, (like Ann Coulter).

The FBI let the homo-Moslem gay bar massacre perpetrator slip through their fingers, but in West Baltimore an ambush against the cops was ended with death for the assassin!

The Black Panthers want to carry guns to the RE-publican convention despite the fact that their fingerprints are all over calls, (and possibly actions) for the assassination of police!

It truly is a world gone mad, and we’re just glad you choose to spend some time hearing about it all with us…



Looking to a Bright Future Darkly

America’s most attractive audio engineer returns with her host in tow to help all of us make sense of the current darkness and a future that can only be seen clearly in the light.

We’ve got confused Christians forgiving vandals before the spray paint is dry, Rappers shot in broad daylight, a mayor carjacked, and a murder witness guaranteed not to lie!

And an era of mind boggling medical advancement is upon us if we can only be saved from treasonous officials, pride, murderous homo riots dressed up as national monuments, trannies in the barracks and trannies on the stump!

And while the trannies & queers, & garden variety Sodomites are loosed upon our military it’s only a matter of time before the deviants and the lawyers eliminate one of the last official definitions of adultery

Then there’s the growing ability to admit the fact that we’re all just sick of going out and would rather just stay home…

Listen in to tales of pot heads driving into pot shops, government school principals impregnating and then murdering teachers, cheerleaders cheering (or something) while their boyfriends beat the homeless to death, terror in Bangladesh and elsewhere, almost every day…. and the uncomfortable fact that despite liberal objections, the Zika virus is most likely another venereal disease!

It’s all at the podcast below, so enjoy!