America’s most attractive audio engineer brings back her host as they ride the crest of the quasi-awakening gaining currency amongst the heathen.

Listen in and hear about an Anglican “minister” offering prayers about sex and a 4 year old boy, even as the Church of England and other U.K officials promote the psychological, spiritual (and dare we say even physical) molestation of schoolchildren over the Bible!

In Arkansas hapless christian parents are slapping up “In God We Trust” posters even as the larger government school system hires molesters, inflict their perverse gender ideology, promote self identification, no matter how ludicrous or insane, (and even struggle with students bombing their principles)!

On the science front we offer two uplifting stories: one about a young boy cured of a rare and possibly fatal skin disease, and incredible breakthroughs in cancer research surrounding Neutrophils.

But then there’s that first “officially” declared sexually transmitted case of Zika to bring us all back down to the fallen earth.

We’ll try to explain the signal judges and lawyers sent with their “472 year” prison sentence for kidnapper and a pimp, why a young man murdered and mutilated his own father, and how it could be that the entire city council of Palm Springs has gone tranny, queer, bi, and worse!

And of course we welcome America to the secularized “christmas” season with the story of a Christmas Tree search that in our minds perfectly symbolizes the sad state of Christmas  today…

There’s also Roy Moore, Kate Steinle, the BIG BIG HUGE Tax Reform, and some reflection on why it is we can only seem to muster a quasi-awakening in the face of events that should send us all to our knees seeking the Living God and His Wisdom and His Mercy and His Justice.




Tune in to America’s most attractive audio engineer & her host as they remember Septembers past, lessons learned, lessons forgotten & the existential threats still present…

A government high school coach’s seduction and rape of teenage students provides reason # 1071 to get (or keep) your kids out of the government schools, Zika is showing more signs of being a venereal disease, and Western governments have devolved to the point of administering the “transitioning” gender confused children as early as four years old!

Vladimir Putin narrowly escaped death, a Moslem terrorist is now on staff at George Washington University, and the US State Department appears to be a source of training for at least two of ISIS’ top leaders!

In San Bernardino, CA the chilling effects of “Black Lives Matter”, along with the end of mandatory minimum sentences from the 1990’s have combined to make the body count racked up this year by criminals exceed even higher than the count, (including those killed by the Moslem terrorists) last year.

“Black Lives Matter” liar and agitator Darren Seals was dispatched to Judgment Day, while the average American white kid prefers to destroy himself at Raves.

A 14 year old has murdered his own grandmother over an argument about going to school, and a 29 year old father is in jail for attempting to murder his own 2 year old son…

The National Review gets it right on Personhood and the world smallest surviving baby is now 9 months old and doing quite well thank you!

And while most “ancient astronaut theorists” deny that a baby in the womb equals a life that must be protected, they do continue to search for aliens, second “earths” in the “goldilocks zone“, and really just about anyone who would be willing to hang out with them in their mom’s basement.

The Mets have signed Tebow.

The Army has been surrendered in the second example in as many weeks of an elected official overriding the opinion of a federal judge.

West Point is investigating their head football coach for leading a prayer, Clemson is harassing Christians as they pray on campus, and wonder aloud to ourselves if the suicidal, idiot children exerting influence over our collapsing culture really remember anything at all that was learned on September 11, 2001.

It’s all available with bumper music and spoken word at the podcast below:



Clear & Present Danger

America’s most attractive audio engineer is back! Wrapping her hosts unapologetic commentary in snippets of audiological punctuation for your edification and entertainment.

You’ll hear about prosecutor and Social Justice Pit Bull Marylin Mosby’s failure to prove Freddy Gray’s murder justified anything like the “Black Lies Matter” narrative, the Navy’s decision to dishonor themselves by honoring homo, pedophile & killer Harvey Milk, and the “After School Satan Club” as reason number 1051 to get, or keep your kids out of the government schools.

As America & the world descend into a smoldering state of civil war we cover the continuing assassination of our police, flash mobs robbing women, the return of the subhumans to Normandy, and our unofficial 2016 nominee for Planned Parenthood’s “Margaret Sanger Award“.

See the Socialist “Bern” in Venezuela descend into weeping & begging for food & discover how we know better than Mario Antoinette and the weirdos at Ancient Aliens what extra terrestrial intelligence built the moon and some of the reasons He may have placed it so carefully.

Presidential assassin John Hinckley Jr. is set to get away with shooting the president, (and killing James Brady), homo Democrat donors are apparently high maintenance hate machines, and the term “Pro-Life” has officially been corrupted to mean you are against killing only some innocent people.

One bright spot: a pornographers convention in Houston has been run out of the Hilton!

We cover more evidence that Zika is now a venereal disease, the DNC is proud to kill their children, (and any others they can get), and how the #gullibleevangelical tag now applies to formerly respected preacher Franklin Graham.

All that and something for the kids as well, this week at the podcast below: