Tales From the Humanist Hate Machine

This week your host and his extremely attractive audio engineer take conservative talk to higher heights and deeper depths with tales from Las Vegas and the roaring, devouring hate machine that is the secular humanist, godless culture.

But don’t be too depressed, there is hope sent down from The Creator (not to mention $50 oil)!

Find out about reason 681 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools, a new study on the harmful effects of pornography, (especially at McDonald’s), Barry’s Bible verse, Mitt Romney and Elizabeth Warren rearing their ugly heads again, and the fact that paying down the American National Debt, and “growing” out of our current economic unpleasantness is approaching mathematical impossibility.

Then there’s the massacres in Sydney and Philly, whining homo Pvt. Bradley Manning and his impending suicide, and the Cromnibus Bill, (who would have thought ISIS was one of the cronies?).

Hear the sad and gruesome, (but somehow pleasant and amusing) moments from the so-called “torture” report, how everyone at Sony and the people they hate are hating on each other, and how the NFL is in P.R. purgatory, while Tim Tebow opens a hospital in the Phillippines!

And finally, there are normal people who are forced to serve homos, and homos who refuse to even bake a cake for normal people, (and according to Walid Shoebat, apparently get away with it). Oh, yes, and an Amtrak rider who’s bad religion led to demon sighting, (and 4 counts of attempted murder).

It’s all here folks, in the place the other conservative talkers go to find out where the line defining “right wing” currently resides…