The Bounds of Morality

As 2009 mercifully draws to a close we can look back with thankful hearts that we escaped it with our lives and families intact, (most of us anyway) what’s left of our bank accounts, and some small degree of that liberty we enjoyed in years and a nation past. Yes, the passing of America as we knew her is a hurtful thing to witness. But where there’s life there’s hope, (and besides, America won’t be officially face the death panel until sometime in February when the Democrats drive the final “reconciled” nail through the heart of our free market system via a health-care reform law that Hugo Chavez will be proud of.

But all is not lost. (Unless your son marries a character from Grand Theft Auto, or your daughter happens to be Diana DeGette, (D)[emon], Colorado). And while we must respect the principle of the escalation of force when it comes to suppressing our inclination to take up arms against those who kill our neighbors children, and our liberty, there is a war to be fought within the bounds of morality. If you’ve not yet enlisted or received your commission, get with the program every week right here!

So as we circle the cultural and political drain, America’s surviving children (the ones that made it past the abortionist) face the burden of their own hapless parents and the government school factories set up against them. So with nothing better to do with their lives, the sign up with Al-Qaeda, or sign off into video game oblivion. And by the time they’re old enough to drive they’ve lost all understanding of justice, from Milwaukee to New Hampshire, from Baton Rouge to Billings. Oh that they would hear the voice of one crying in the wilderness who loves them, and can teach them how to love again…

And while the politicians elected by those same parents continue to find the cover granted them by their gullible constituencies, some of the children hear the call and are stirring up a whirlwind to blow from their faces the masks they’ve worn as they turned a blind eye to a generation soaked in blood.

But most will just sleep through it. Making it out of bed long enough to cultivate their addictions and vote to legalize their drug of choice. As war encircles them they slumber beneath the not so watchful bloodshot eyes of a generation that failed them. But when the bullets fly they will be awakened, and perhaps not too late.

Not the funniest way to end the year, but he who has ears to hear,… listen.

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