The Grand Tour

America’s most attractive audio engineer heads out with her host on a tour of events from the shocking to the mundane, and all worth your time to tune in.

We’ll take you through fields moist with Glyphosate, past the handicapped parking spaces of America, over the river of vindictiveness borne by John Hickenlooper and through the woods of a wonderful bit of truth from Masterpiece Cake Shop Baker Jack Phillips.

Explore with us the depths of depravity to which the FDA has sunk in search of aborted fetal tissue. And then find out who on earth would think that the solution to terrorists using cars as weapons is to ban…. cars!

Together we’ll traverse the length and breadth of the Just-a-Systems catch and release poster children of the week, including black magic , mad dog Moslem terrorists, madmen rapists & killers, Naked Intruders, and what is really just another Thursday night in Chicago.

We’ll examine stories of birth and death, UN-remarkable passings, and the oddly intertwined fates of a couple of children of evil dynasties.

All this and the latest predator siege on the compound, all at the podcast below!