What’s Left of Christendom and the Coming Revival!

Join America’s most extremely attractive audio engineer and her conservative talk host for another lucid & entertaining review of all the things that really matter!

This week we examine the state of criminal justice in light of bootleg smokes in New York, the criminal “catch and release” program in New Jersey (and elsewhere), a tranny who says he/she/it’s former persona no longer exists, a judge suspended for insanity and her quest to return to the bench, a first amendment assertion for the freedom to encourage suicide live via webcam, and a California candidate calling for the Death Penalty for corruption!

We also discover the precarious state of children’s mental health in increasingly godless culture, how the Mozilla CEO was forced to take the “Mark of the Beast” and then run out of town anyway, why Pat Buchanan is touting Vladimir Putin as Christianity’s defender, and why Bill Clinton finally stopped visiting the private island of child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

We delve in to the state of the true Church as it’s persecuted with death and death threats in Pakistan, and by bulldozers in China, and how Pope Francis, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi danced around a Rosary at what may have been a wake for what’s left of the Catholic Church!

We continue our observation of the death of Western Civilization; viewing landmarks along the way like the fact that fewer than half the adults in England bother to get married these days, and Japan’s desperate effort to offset the demographic catastrophe that population control policies imported from America have created.

Then there’s reason 707 to keep or get your kids out of the Government schools, (and yes, unfortunately it involves another tranny).

And finally, the story of how a family decided to murder their daughter, and a grandfathers perspective on why such killing should be made easier for other moms, pops and grandmas in the future. A so-called “mercy killing” but with out anything like mercy… And now they’re a family of killers.

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