Widespread Tyranny

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as the masks go onto the scared and come off of the tyrannical.

Plague Mask

And even in the midst of the greatest threat to our way of life since the last time the socialists and fascists tried to take over the world, the sick impact of pornography is to drive us all ever lower and lower.

The aforementioned fascists and socialist have admitted to running up the Coronavirus body count, “doctor” Bill Gates is schilling for China and positively giddy with a sense of self importance perhaps unequaled in our lifetime, and farmers have begun plowing under the crops we would have eaten if we hadn’t freaked-out and closed the hospitality industry.

And while private industry tries to step in where the government failed miserably, please refrain from thinking that making ventilators or laying around watching TV to equates to storming the beaches at Iwo Jima. This type of “patriotism” not only pales in comparison. But the WWII generation would be embarrassed for us.

The malevolent Russians and the tyrannical Saudis have agreed “in principal” to end their oil price war, (but keep in mind they’re both a little short on principals). And gas dropped below one dollar a gallon! The only problem is you have to go to Minnesota to get it!

The government schools have managed to fail at education even further, (and it’s not because they are closed). And the generation mis-educated by them continues the futile search for ALIENS!!

Victor Davis Hansen asks if we’ll ever just stop crying, Zoom turns out to be Chinese/Facebook malware, and the founder of the anti-Israel BDS movement will shelve his bias if and when a Jew figures out the vaccine or the treatment for COVID-19.

Idris Abdus-Salaam stabbed four, murdering three in Tennessee.

Churchgoers in Mississippi were fined $500 each for attending church, Ezekiel Emmanuel wants to die, (and we are with him on that), but before he does he wants to lord it over the rest of us for as long as he can.Hear from a real epidemiologist on just how this epidemic should have been handled, (spoiler alert; perhaps in similar fashion as we handled  previous epidemics)?

The communist Pope is also an environmentalist nut job.

On the bright side; American warriors killed Yusuf Jiis of Al-Shabab, and Iraeli Mossad agents have politely denied killing Hezbollah commander Ali Mohammed Younis.

California may have some “herd immunity” to the novel Coronavirus already, and Italy appears to have turned the corner, but that doesn’t seem to be helping ameliorate the the irrational fear gripping about 2/3 of the American population.

All that on Resurrection Sunday, along with terror at the fish market the bird whisperer’s take on face coverings, and negotiating with children & bunnies.