A Triumvirate of Sickness

Your host fought a particularly difficult series of obstacles this week, not least of which is the absence of my extremely attractive audio engineer and our three little girls. They’re off in Okinawa visiting family and reportedly sweating profusely while feasting on a steady diet of Udon, Dorian, Mochi, and Naato. I miss them enormously and that makes it difficult to focus on trivial events related to the culture and politics. But I soldier on, although I’m having some difficulty keeping up with the housework.

And with the likes of Roman Polanski, David Letterman, and McKenzie Phillips in the news, it’s all I can do to get through the headlines without needing a shower or a penicillin shot! So we focus the sick through the lens of original thought in hopes that some redeeming bit of information might be gleaned, but alas, the task was too great even for your humble host, so I offer my opinion with the caveat, that I am unable to find any reason for doing so, other than a cathartic exercise necessary to prevent my own insanity.

But give a listen, you will not be displeased…

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