Bad Religion, Bad Government

As the program languishes in a state of flux without our extremely attractive audio engineer and progeny, we examine a great deal of the silly, the serious, and the absurd, (such as Australian official’s draconian limitation of ordinary race-car fans to just 24 beers per day during the festivities). While affronts to freedom such as this must be monitored , it is your humble host’s opinion that our American just-a-system’s abandonment of a perfectly sensible allotment, (one execution per murder) is an even greater threat!

And that’s just bad government! Reports have come in that the practitioners of bad religion killed 2 kids because pastors are ignorant and even negligent in their teaching, (and I assert they should be held responsible). Combine this with Barry Ho’s retreat in Afghanistan and the continuing collapse of everything British and one is left to ponder the future of Western Civilization in general… And in light of the deleterious effects of the birth control pill, to ponder the future of any civilization whatsoever.

But there is the Personhood movement to buck up our hopes! We are attracting all the right enemies, like Planned Parenthood and NARAL, (but let’s all continue praying that eventually the leaders of the Catholic Church will join our side).  By the way, this program will stand as evidence so they don’t eventually take credit for Personhood like they did that whole “flat earth” thing. And I’m praying daily that rich, influential people will catch the vision of Personhood. Please pray with me! Daily!

And meet those “passed over” by the Nobel committee, Cal Zastrow, Leslie Hanks, Ken and Jo Scott, Gualberto Garcia Jones, Bob Enyart, and a few others. History will not forget!

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