Malthusian Delusion

Roman Polanski and Bill Clinton share the stage this week as their undying efforts, on behalf of women’s rights, (or maybe just women… o.k., maybe you could call it assaulting women, but isn’t that really splitting hairs) made headlines across the globe, but the big news is obviously Walter Hoy, Lila Rose and the Personhood effort in California. If you dwell above ground in Los Angeles or any other California city you too can be a part of the greatest human rights effort in the history of mankind, (go to PersonhoodCalifornia) and join the ranks of the sane citizens who assert that killing innocent people is wrong, without exception.

Meanwhile, speaking of sanity, puking in a Chicago taxi cab could soon cost drunken Americans an extra $50.00, and Los Angeles city officials have finally drawn a line in the sand, limiting rooster ownership to no more than one per property. We’ve not been able to get their opinion on Personhood, but we’re certain that any officials brave enough to take on the great rooster controversy are sure to stand shoulder to shoulder with those seeking equal human rights for all innocent people.

And while Zbigniew Brzezinski and Osama bin Laden agree when it comes to the Jews, they are mere amateurs when it comes to practice of racism. Their better in this arena, Thomas Malthus is lately joined by professors Malcolm Potts, and Roger Short in the rogues gallery of Holocaust instigators as chronicled here at The Weekly Worldview.

Meanwhile Britain continues inexorably toward national suicide, (assisted or otherwise) and with the likes of Simon Cowell and John Lennon as their standard bearers can we be surprised? Perhaps John Holdren could be tapped to speed things along?

It’s all here for your listening pleasure!

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