Antidepressants & the Cuture of Murder & Madness

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From A New Jersey court ruling restricting a man’s rights to be involved in the birth of his (albeit illegitimate) child, to the fact that the Palestinians are just shucking and jiving through Barry & Kerry’s “peace talks” to get their most accomplished terrorists out of Israeli jails, to the pro-family industries latest achievement: deceiving people (and politicians) into believing that even though they’re OK with killing some innocent children, that they’re actually pro-life….

Then there’s the politician who tells parents to get their kids out of the government schools, the Disney Company’s latest queering against the Boy Scouts, (and the no nonsense response from the leadership at Trail Life), and some California think tanks piled high with homos themselves issuing reports that tell us trannies are a great idea in the foxhole!

Anti-depressant drugs may be linked to the increase in autistic kids, Moses & Walt Brown appear to have been RIGHT when they described the “fountains of the great deep” in the Bible, (and in the text book “In the Beginning” respectively), the American federal government is giving 70% of the money they steal to welfare recipients, and in the shadow of the Sandy Hook school massacre, a father says he wished his son was never born

We tell the tale of “love” Hollywood style, (involving a couple of homos, murder & dismemberment, a convicted murderer receiving a half million dollar judgment against the cops & officials who took the mad dog killer off the streets, and murder in back of the High School in Texas.

In Colorado the BIG LIE of legalized dope’s tax benefits are exposed, the fact that you can’t hardly walk into a Colorado barber shop without smelling pot is lamented, and the justice system continues to struggle with what to do with the Aurora Theater Killer… leading us to conclude that they must be stoned as well.

Hit the link, sit back and enjoy the view from a mile above the fray, and hear what our eternal perspective sounds like: