The Abolitionists versus the Fascists

The Weekly Worldview’s extremely attractive audio engineer is joined in studio by host Doug McBurney to wrap thoughtful and often hilarious conservative talk around some of the best bumper music in all talk radio!

Hear how Breatharianism might make you laugh, but is ultimately no joke, how the fascist Iranians are smuggling missiles to fascist fanatic Islamist terrorists in Gaza, how fascist Kim DUNG Un of North Korea is persecuting the church, and how a random act in a mindless system allowed Barry Ho’s Department of Homeland Security to grant the refugee German home schooling Romeike family a temporary reprieve!

Find out the difference between saying you’re “pro-life” and being an Abolitionist.

Learn why even crazy people are asking what’s up with all that dinosaur soft tissue?

Discover why Michele Bachmann is not qualified to run a rubber stamp a the local public library, how the organizers of CPAC have drifted into intellectual fascism against those of us who believe all innocent people have a right to life, and why Ted Cruz isn’t qualified to laminate licenses at your local DMV.

Fascist Islamists in Syria have put Christians under the extortion of the the Dhimma, Neo Nazi’s are occupying high office in the “revolutionary” government of Ukraine, (and Hillary Clinton’s so stupid, she thinks Vladimir Putin is the fascist for asserting authority over Crimea)!

And while the world teeters on the brink of conflagration, the American Military is welcoming drag queens into the NCO club while American judges can’t figure out how to prosecute a pervert on the train!

And in one final act of utter confusion we don’t know how to classify; California governor Jerry Brown says that maybe legalizing dope is not the best idea…. at least not too much of it…. or maybe it’s not so bad, but not good either… or maybe we should pay attention, or be alert, or be more alert, or something… um… like that man…

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