Sins of the Fathers

Tune in this week as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host warn the children, and the fathers.

We check in with Bill Gates who assures us, (along with John Kerry) that their living the high life isn’t responsible for the man made climate crisis religion they’ve created. Texas put a killer to sleep, when they should have scared the hell out him first. And Oklahoma voters rejected legalizing dope for recreational purposes, (and the governor has vowed to keep smoking marijuana in the doctors office where it belongs)!

The people who claim Brian Sicknick was murdered on January 6th should be in jail, and “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley should be out! Antifa’s gearing up for another summer of lawlessness unless somebody puts a stop to it. And in the city, officials who enforced mask mandates, are now asking the robbers to please take them off.

DC officials have confessed that their “catch and release” program for criminals is not working for the benefit of society. The pornography and THC saturated culture is continuing to produce mass killers. And while we can all comprehend Putin’s desire to dominate Eastern Europe, NATO’s & the western media’s insistence upon publicly sodomizing men, women and children is making us more than a little uncomfortable!

Barack Obama and everyone else involved in the 2021 surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban must pay a price, or heaven knows our children will. “Captain Kirk” William Shatner doesn’t have long before he goes straight to hell with jet rockets, (and no commercial endorsements). And Toy designer Mark Boudreaux is tragically fighting the COVID hysteria, and dark ages treatment protocols on a ventilator in Ohio, and is another victim of the Great Panic of 2020; (the greatest failure of courage in the face of a potential crisis in the history of man).

Barack Obama wants to start forming your child’s worldview at 3, Barack Obama’s Soviet style COVID welfare stands to destroy the work ethic, and worldview of a generation, and Barack Obama’s former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was nowhere near the plane when DC Lawyer, and machine functionary Dana J. Hyde met her untimely and violent death.

All that plus: a run on your woke bank!? All hail Chairman Xi! And the last sliver of hope for the energy sector; it looks like they’ve figured out which Biden to bribe to make drilling green again!






Weekly Bible Study Romans Part I

Join us in our study through the book of Romans. This week Romans 1: 1-17, and differing gospels, Jewish and Gentile Believers in Christ and in Rome, gospel definitions and ownership, differing translations, Law and Grace, The Mystery and the good news for you and me today!

(Here’s a little Greek from Galatians 1 that will make more sense when you watch the sudy).

ho      ouk    estin  allo
ὃ         οὐκ    ἔστιν ἄλλο
which not    is         another

Get the Audio Version HERE.


Can’t Buy Me Love

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host examine what passes for love now that we are all socialists…

With all eyes on Russia, Ukraine, China and Tik-Tok, we’re reminded of the mad mullah’s in Iran, theie evil desire for the bomb, and their evil desire to enslave their women, (and the world). We go to Orange County California for reason number 2,020 to get your kids out of the public schools, (and especially the all gender restrooms).

Republicans in Florida are pushing child killing out of the Operating Room and into the pharmacy. In Ohio J.D. Vance, (and other RE-publicans) are behaving like we are all socialists. And in North Dakota well-intentioned pharmacists who don’t want to hand out poison that kills people are being misled by lawyers on how to fight the abortion pill mandate.

The family of Madonna and her brother Anthony Ciccone are poster children for the godless, loveless, and very sad All American family. And so many of America’s other families are drugging their sons instead of training and disciplining them. And about half of America’s hate filled killers are getting away with it.

A Seattle madman has been released on bail after killing one, and wounded six in a shooting rampage. In small town America the strong are robbing and butchering the weak in broad daylight. And in Canada Christians are getting the police’s attention regarding “Drag Queen Story Hour”, but the police are arresting the Christians!

Speaking of Christians, a christian school in Vermont forfeited a girl’s basketball tournament to avoid playing a tranny, (and we made sure the proper message was delivered to the tranny and everybody else)! Pete Buttigieg’s protege Patrick Wojahn got busted with child pornography. Kindle is attempting to edit reality in real time.

All that, plus who was in the cockpit for the flyover at the Superbowl, and the relief of knowing the pilot of your plane has a deep voice, a normal wife, and a son!