Join the podcast where America’s most attractive audio engineer pushes the boundaries of bumpery and her host pushes the boundaries of political correctness back on the foolish.

We’ve got billionaires willing to pay BIG money to find out how to live forever, so your host offers to help them out for less than a  million!

Pagans have set their sites on building the worlds tallest tower since Nimrod at Babel, at the same time others are drilling their way through the earth’s crust to the mantle, on their way to the center, while at the same time the Bible has been proven true again by archaeologists in Israel!

The Irish have lifted legal protections for Christians who don’t want to hire sex perverts, (they’ve obviously been drinking).

Vladimir Putin may be the sanest politician left on the planet having banished George Soros and his criminal organizations from Russia, upsetting the suicidal insane sex pervert children running the State Department.

Meanwhile back in America, (or what was once known as America) another mom has murdered her child, and because this child had been born, she’s been charged with a crime…

And in Iraq videos of American military aircraft dropping arms and supplies to Islamists has left Iraqis with the impression that America is arming Islamists.

And here at home the average American, who could have prevented the Christmas Party Massacre in San Bernardino has been suppressed. So afraid of being called some kind of racist, even in the face of a clear and present danger, that he did not speak.

And in light of the latest attack on America, our Attorney General Loretta Lynch is vowing to fight the real enemy… Islamophobia!

And the president, Barry HO proves that he is either incompetent, on drugs or in cahoots with the Islamists when he first announced the day before San Bernardino that the Islamists pose “no existential threat“, to America. And then, having just come from Paris, said that this type of shooting “has no parallel anywhere else in the world”, (did we mention he had just left Paris?)

And finally we have Donald Trump, upset that a group of black ministers did not endorse him for president, implying that the “Black Lives Matter” group torpedoed the endorsement. But your host posited the possibility that the ministers withheld their endorsement because Mr. Trump is an unrepentant heathen!

Enjoy the podcast folks! Talk to you next week…