Weapons of War

Turn up the volume on America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they explore how we fight the fight that’s here & coming (and learn from the fights we lost).

We visit Buffalo in November, (and not just for the weather). We watch ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter turn their hate on Biden and the democrats. And we review the tragedies of Christian persecution in Lebanon & Moslem persecution in Mozambique.

We will laugh with you at Gavin Newsom’s lock-down hypocrisy, but remind you he is serious, along with other thieving, murderous perverted tyrants in England & Germany.

The child killing industry is changing the names of some of their biggest killing centers, (just to make it  “clear”) that they wish their eugenics founders be kept at arms length, while keeping children, (especially African children) well within the reach of their instruments of death.

Listen in to hear how all of the nations who won the cold war have been brought to the brink of conquest by a well coordinated attack of pornography.

A Christian school told Tom Watts to wear a mask. Toms Dad Jeff Watts now home-schools him. Dr. Roger Hodkinson explains why America ‘s most attractive audio engineer was right about the virus and the lockdowns all along. And if you think lock-downs and other mitigation efforts “slow the spread”? Tell it to the Marines!

And discover with us that the same week the long awaited “Danish Mask Study” was finally published, that the CDC and Duke University churned out another bit of academic fakery to justify their tyrannical  obsession with making everyone wear masks.

Rumors of a global cabal of rich, famous, (and otherwise) people running an international child abuse ring have once again been proven well founded, (and even referenced by President Trump’s lawyer Lin Wood)!

In Illinois an 81 year old former Marine took a shillelagh to some ANTIFA types, Megan Kelly is famously getting her kids out of the godless government schools, And Target is prostrating the very store Black Lives Matter looted before Black Lives Matter.

All that plus the bird whisperer, German accents in England, curfews and the homeless, toilet paper and windex, a day in the life, airplane rides and the full fury of the 2nd wave hysteria exposed.



Divine Intervention

Tune in to the Worldview and listen to America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they turn to the only hope we have to get back what was lost.

We explore the uncomfortable truth surrounding the utilitarian pathology of “lockdowners“, and why they will never want to stop. We’ll ride alongside the NYPD as ANTIFA spits in their faces. And we’ll rediscover the false narrative that is “Hands-up, don’t shoot”, and the American GLAVLIT inspired censorship dedicated to preserving it. (Especially shutting down Shelby Steele).

Journey with us on to Europe where the latest wave of Moslem slaughters continue against white people, and to Nigeria where Islamists Boko-Haram slaughters black people.

What are reasons number 1,191, and 1,192 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools? Masks and hatred of Jesus Christ!

Oregon has taken the next logical step toward a complete dystopian hell-scape by legalizing heroin, coke and crystal meth. With Missouri following close behind, electing Black Lives Matter terrorist-agitator Cori Bush to congress.

All that along with news of the election, predictions, projections, depressions, frauds, cowardice, the bird whisperer, and a word of warning regarding governance by legislation and democracy.





Canned Hell

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host prepare for the most important election of our lifetime…

Hear how the “experts” discovered an organ in the human body they’d missed, how Trump is making peace in the Middle East, and why we now find the “urinalist” class prefacing the term “beauty pageant” with the term “women’s only“.

The insurrection, (or perhaps training for the insurrection), continues as BLM punches women in the face in San Bernardino, ANTIFA smashed cop cars, (with the cops inside) in Canada, churches are burned, ATMs exploded and washing machines looted in Philly.

Meanwhile a gun violence “de-escalation” counselor in Philly had to shoot a robber dead, and in Europe, leaders are coming out of hiding from a cold virus just long enough to surrender to Islam.

Back in America the schools no longer feel obligated to require good behavior, the public school kids have mostly gone socialist, and one Macy’s Christmas tradition survived good times and bad, war and pestilence for 160 years, but it could not survive “The Big Flinch”.

A presumptuous Chairman Xi is re-writing the Bible. The World Economic Forum is openly conspiring to take down the free market. Rich kids have figured out how to cheat at chess. And The Ruling Left is making crime pay better than ever.

All that plus the virus tearing through the McBurney compound, the war on ground squirrels and rats, calling out a racist liar at a restaurant, healthy skepticism and the lesson of a single millet seed.