Algorithm to Genocide

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host analyze what’s happening with smart people doing dangerously stupid things, over and over.

Find out how the investigation of a suicide in courtroom could be a harbinger of bad things to come, how the culture produced a godless generation, how LEGO’s gone LGBTQAI+, and how the people leading the American Medical Association AMA have committed their organization, themselves, and even their own families to suffering and death in their casting away of reason in favor of hate.

But there is still real medicine out there! And, if we ever stop obsessing over this one particular ailment, perhaps we can get back on track to discovering how it is our God-given immune system, brains and environment can cure a whole bunch of ailments!

Franklin Graham is a heretic.

The sheep are in the grips of COVID Derangement Syndrome, even as real scientists at MIT say not to worry so much.

The Church of England is tossing out saints in favor of BAME.

Gangs are roving the streets of America hunting Jews, Critical Race Theory is mandatory for the devouring souls in the government schools, and in Calgary pastor Tim Stephens was cast into prison for bowing before the wrong god.

All that along with peafowl and grapevines and Asian Minority Ethnic Female Privilege, at the link below!








Emergency Use Authorization

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer for an analysis of the events of the week authorized for your use during this emergency.

Get up to date on why we must kill some hackers, ignore Rachel Maddow, pay attention to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and sort out the implications of the “vaccinated” and the “unvaccinated”.

We’ll visit Tennessee where RE-publicans want to elevate the treatment of the bodies of children they murder to the status of dogs, to Nashville where more cops were shot, to Texas where more cops were killed, to San Luis Obispo where more cops were killed, and to Stockton CA where more cops were killed.

And then it’s on to Holland where “rage, rage against the dying of the light” has turned to a headlong plunge into darkness in the space of one lifetime.

The Boy Scouts are teaching the boys they’ve sodomized to be Marxists, the Japanese are discovering that the Chinese are about to conquer them, and the Israelis are weak in the face of their enemies in the press, but still pretty good at killing the inept, and the stupid that are Hamas.

Billie Eilish is complaining about having sold her soul to the devil. (And her complaints warrant serious investigation).

The American Military is being purged of God fearing patriots.

The vulgar are not the salvation of America, the Canadians are fascists and Charles Spurgeon ultimately defeated Karl Marx, no matter what things look like on the ground on planet earth today.