Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host utter a few words towards the end.

A would be assailant was connected to his would be victim when authorities analyzed the chunk of tongue the victimized woman bit off and presented to them. The “controlled burn” in East Palestine may have been an unnecessary worst of bad options. And a child molester got the punishment he deserved, but not at the hands of the proper authorities.

Two twenty-something young ladies in a Kroger parking lot, (one a young mother)  got into an argument, and one chose murder to settle it. Another twenty something couple, (both young cops) had relationship issue and one chose murder suicide. And the ego maniacal teachers being handed America’s children on a daily basis apparently think they own them!

A mass shooting at the Bacchus parade in New Orleans briefly disrupted festivities. Viktor Orban gave a sobering assessment of NATO’s war in Ukraine. A Zombie Apocalypse drug called “Tranq” is sweeping the country, while the children of the godless free market on Wall Street plan to profit from legalizing even more dope.

The American Deep Spate has given the people permission to discuss the origins of the 2019 corona virus outbreak via their organs at The Wall Street Journal. RE-publicans in the Kansas legislature had the short sighted arrogance to define sex for us last week. And in Los Angeles, Soros’ insurrectionist D.A. George Gascon suspended a top prosecutor for crossing the misgendering line with a convicted child molester, (a line the organs at FoxNews don’t even cross).

The Republican congress resembled a Babylon Bee story, thinking they have the authority to demand an accounting of the regime in Ukraine. That’s the same congress that won’t consider overturning the FACE Act being used to imprison and intimidate Christians who act of their belief. And the same congress, and piles of lawyers across the country who can’t seem to define legal personhood, except for when politically expedient.

All that, plus the truth about addiction.



Off Narrative

Wander off the beaten path of well worn media narratives with America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host.

Hear of a Yale professor celebrated for cheering on mass suicide, public school teachers teaching teenage girls dirty words, (and NOT being arrested), and the legacy of the  “COVID heart” deception.

We’ll look in on the hopeful revival at Asbury University in Kentucky with a hopeful and skeptical eye, while we ask law enforcement to keep an eye on the the doctors at the tranny clinic in St. Louis!

Cross -dresser and open sex pervert George Santos has ideas for limiting the sexualization of kids to areas outside of the public school classroom, And admiral Richard Levine dressed up as an ugly old lady and then demanded everyone take him seriously as he pontificated on grooming strategies, (and we do take him seriously, we call for his arrest)!

Nearly 40% of Americans told pollsters they would kill the weak after sorting them by intelligence, polite Canadians want to kill themselves and their children more and more these days, and a mom did what she was taught when a situation gets too overwhelming; she  grabbed her 5 year old son and jumped to her death at Niagara Falls, (the child survived).

Meanwhile, in Buffalo the state denied justice to the victims of the Tops supermarket massacre, while rewarding the killer with a life of relative ease. In Mississippi another mass murder was caused by sexual immorality, and in just up the road in Memphis and over at far off Michigan State, motives for the latest killing sprees are no more specific than the overall culture of death.

All that plus good cops and a cold pig, the Space ALIENS waiting behind the deep state curtain, what lawyers do when they get hold of a weed whacker, and our take on the terrible disaster, and the accompanying narrative of the week in East Palestine, Ohio.





Weekly Bible Study Genesis The Fall Part III

Join us this week in Genesis 3:20 – 4:15 as we examine Adam and eve’s fallen children, The Fall’s mechanism of action on man, God’s mechanism of redemption, What it was like when God clothed Adam and Eve with the skins of an animal, the essence of satanic deception, Cain and Abel, the mark on Cain, the Mark of the Beast, man’s attempt to rule over sin, and why god forbid the death penalty for Cain.

Get the Audio Version HERE.