Collapsing Population, Culture & Schools… Risen Lord!

This week your host and his extremely attractive audio engineer pull back the curtain on the schools, the welfare state, the justice system and the culture revealing the shakiness of it all, while using our brand of conservative talk to point to the firm foundation of the Resurrected Lord.

Our longstanding advocacy of registering child molesters & rapists as sex-offenders using only headstones is reinforced by the tale of two GPS tracked murderers, while Michael Bloomberg cements his position at the head of the line for jet rockets to Hell on Judgment Day!

The welfare state is creaking under the weight of the guilt of the liberal Proctocracy here in America and abroad, while the so called “miracle drug” Marijuana is causing some to kill or be killed.

We go to France for reason 712 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools, and then it’s back to America for reasons 710 & 711

Another lawyer is threatening to expose the sordid world of pedophilia in Hollywood, and at the same time a police chief who’s fellow officers protect Utah abortion clinics with armed guards claims he’s shocked that anyone would think to kill seven babies

And in England a father was told by one doctor that he might have to choose “who’s life to save” as his pregnant wife lay dying from a car crash, (but fortunately another doctor was delivering the healthy baby via emergency C- section in another room). And both patients survived!

Judge Roy Moore and the Alabama Supreme Court have struck down legal abortion by declaring that the legal definition of the word “child” includes unborn children from their earliest stages of development… (now only if our side would enforce his ruling). We pray for just one Sheriff in Alabama to do just that!

The global population collapse is viewed from both Japan and Iran this week, while a new study on some of the babies that have managed to be born recently indicates that an infant’s moral capacity is likely more advanced than the average Episcopal Reverend’s!

We have a bit of fun with Chelsea Clinton’s BIG announcement! (Apologies to the liberals, but she’s decided not to abort this one).

And in that great bastion of paganism and the Caste System; India, the courts have ordered all government documents to be reformatted to accommodate a third (trans) gender, no matter if you’re in the caste of untouchables or not! They’re not letting their vile caste system of repression and discrimination get in the way of promoting deviance, perversion and a hedonistic pagan culture of death…

You may have heard the other conservative talkers, but this is politics, religion, and all the things you were told never to discuss in public available now for download, in the privacy of your own home!