Everyone Wants to Talk About Religion All the Time

We open this week with a conservative talk show “math challenge” for everyone who graduated from public high school (or the rough equivalent, the University of Colorado); can you cipher the host’s age on this, the wonderful day of his birth?

Now you’ll have to listen to the podcast to take the challenge, and to learn why that same host believes that almost everyone wants to talk about religion almost all the time…

We’ll also focus on the news of the week through the lens of original thought as we consider the pleadings of an accused murderer, who’s lawyer insists that a tattoo that reads “Murder” on his client’s neck is immaterial to the case against him, (did we mention that the the tattooed one is charged with murder)…

Vlidimir Putin continues his “christian” sleight of hand as his government seeks to impose a tax on profanity; all the while dressing it up as a “ban” on immoral behavior”. Yeah, right…

As for the state of civilization, you decide: on the one hand we have scientists editing DNA to cure diseases, while on the other the lawyers of the ruling class are considering, (and in some cases acting upon) legalizing dope and prostitution in order to pay for their profligate socialism!

The people who brought you “Married with Children” are working on a TV series about Jesus of Nazareth, implantable technology may soon replace your smart-phone, (but is it the “Mark of the Beast”), a Bible banning Texas teacher gives us reason number 715 to keep, (or get) your kids out of the government schools, and a young girl’s murder provides a stark reason number 714

We find out that Britain’s shame of burning the bodies of innocent murder victims to heat their hospitals is shared by the US & Canada, that three lesbians can call themselves married, manage to conceive a child, publicly announce their intent to abuse that child, and then get a puff piece in the Daily Mail.

Listen in and you’ll discover that Hillary Rodham Clinton, (and the United Methodists who spawned her) don’t understand the Bible, Jesus, the feeding of the 5000, equality, good government or the very religion they insist on talking about almost all the time.

On the war front: Al Qaeda has taken over a Libyan military base built by American Special Forces, the Jews are being urged to flee Ukraine (by a holocaust survivor), terrorists are thanking Edward Snowden for showing them how to avoid “NSA snooping”, and it looks like one of the reasons Americans were killed in Benghazi is that America no longer knows which side it’s on in the Long War against the Islamists.

We also check in with the National Enquirer and a member of Japan’s upper house to find out about possible trouble in the fairy tale marriage of Barry and Michelle Obama.

The Pope called and asked President Obama to send a delegation for the BIG canonization ceremonies, and not surprisingly, Barry sent a trio of pro-abortion activists, (likely because those are the only kind of people he knows). And finally, the Worldview’s Northern Correspondent checks in with congratulations to Bill, Hillary and Chelsea on the possible, impending, developing Personhood of the new “grand-blobby“, (er grand baby)!

Check it out at the most conservative talk podcast you’ll ever hear… till next week at least: