Confessions And Pleas

Congrats to Denver Bible Church for supporting faithful servants in Costa Rica. Find out how you can support Jeremy and Andrea Is she wearing a shower curtain, wrapped in a horse blanket, cinched with a hose clamp?Clark at!

My very attractive audio engineer is preparing to journey so far west she’ll end up in the far east! Packing and all is well underway… The newest grand-baby Alexis looks to be quite the hit back in Okinawa as she makes her debut with the grandparents.

But the news is all here, and with a perspective you won’t get anywhere else! I invite you all to please comment on my assessment of M.O’s latest fashion statement. Am I crazy or does she look like a bag lady who just won the lottery and is still adjusting to the ability to “shop” for clothing instead of her usual habit of “dumpster diving”. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m waiting for the day the press turns on this obvious fashion dilettant, for it is then we will know that our long national nightmare, and the descent into Neo-Nimrodian socialist excess may be nearing an end!

And we cover the important stuff as well. The shoe thrower shot dead in Iraq, the slaughter of Marcus the lamb by his grade school class and the madness of the animal rights crowd; Ahmadinejad’s latest holocaust denial, and the Iranian people who are trying to get rid of this maniac; Najibullah Aziz and the other muslims working at your local airport, and the problem with people confessing their crimes, apologizing, and then pleading “not guilty” in court. What’s up with that?

And there’s Satanists and homos vying for this weeks greased pole straight to hell award, while the US Forest Service offends overly sensitive Denver Hispanics, while warming the hearts of Drug gangs everywhere. And crime is now so low in New York City, that only 1.25 people are murdered everyday! Our Domestic Tranquility file is overflowing however and we’ve delayed the ticker tape parade…for now. And there are those signs along America’s highways telling us where all that stolen money is being used, (you remember that congress, Barry Ho and George Bush the lesser stole a trillion dollars or so from us, and our kids, and our grand-kids). Well, we’re paying for them to advertise the theft. It’s all here folks. Give a listen…

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