Orwell’s Revenge

While we all anxiously await the revelation of Israel’s secret weapon to be used against Iran, the Pagans and the purveyors of NewSpeak to the culture have pushed the conservatives and evangelicals aside in their quest for a different path to truth and right. Trouble is, Jesus told us that narrow is the way, and whether you apply his statement to the search for truth and justice, or the path to Iran’s nuclear facilities, the hard fact is we’re simply running out of time.

Find out this week how one man’s scorpion is another man’s god, in another man’s religion, is another man’s snack… and why most evangelicals have a hard time convincing the pagans to leave the scorpions aside and seek the One True Living God. And why Acorn officials who’ve lost their gig will soon be serving on the cabinet of Hugo Chaves, or releasing the next big hip-hop hit album! All the while Barry Ho’s gone supine in the presence of the dear leader Kim-Dung-Ill, and America’s courts are too clogged with killers and criminals to get to the bottom of anything, let alone which planet Barry was born on…

And the fallen degenerate, (Ellen Degenerous) shall be made an idol for all to see and hear, while assuming we all view her as “the same” as us. It’s frightening how far our sensibilities have fallen. To go from Opie and Andy to and Idolatress queer on prime time TV in one generation is surely a sign that the end is near. Or at least that things ain’t what they used to be in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

But buck up! Personhood is on the move from California to Florida, and it’s quite possible that this little flock will be the one to lead us from the wilderness back to pastures of plenty, (that’s unless the Orwellian Ministry of truth redefines everything before Personhood can regain it’s rightful definition). We will keep you informed of it all as we see it, and we’ll have some laughs along the way. A quick glance over the edge at the rim of hell can be scary, but those of us in Christ, with the confidence of our destiny will laugh in their face, knowing one day we’ll stand beside Jim Pouillon, as we shake off the mortal coil, leaving the remnants of the old world and it’s fate to the likes of Joe Biden and Barack Obama! But perhaps even they are salvageable… click the link below to find out what it all means.

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