Conservative Talk-The Weekly Worldview: A Blessing and a Curse

As Planned Parenthood and The ACLU gear up to give the Personhood Movement unprecedented press coverage in the coming weeks, we document here exactly what their afraid of and why. How many straw men does it take to shoot down the argument of Personhood? Well, just debate it with the average liberal and you’ll think you’re in a crow infested Kansas wheat field!

But the suicidal left has nowhere else to turn. As their children and their parents kill themselves one must wonder what’s going through the conscience of the 60-something humanist who was so sure she’d escaped the bondage of tradition and her perception of Christian judgmental ism to establish her own self actualized reality, outside of the misogynistic and paternalistic order of the past. But the blood could run as high as a horse’s bridle and she still would not admit that her construct is faulty. She refuses to see that whether the case is argued in the US Supreme Court, or before the throne of God, the case will indeed be made. She will raise her fist to God and accuse him of cursing men and women. But she will be given understanding.

But her lawyers are working right now to release the one man for whom she feels sympathy:  admitted Al-Qaeda conspirator Ali al-Marri!

LIberals Love Ali!

As the War in Afghanistan grinds to a secular stalemate, the western powers are revealed for what they have become: a morally vacuous, spiritually hollow shadow of their former selves, incapable of mustering the necessary will to defeat evil. Pray for our troops and God Bless Personhood and  the United States Marine Corps!

Give a listen to the show folks. And be of good cheer!

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