Conservative Talk-The Weekly Worldview: Worlds Colliding

We all looked on in horror this past week as Nancy Pelosi became the poster girl for socialism in the nascent 21st century. But Barry Ho and his M.O. bring up the rear as perhaps the most embarrassing and over indulged first couple ever! (And for Barack Obama, the most Kenyan?) Barry can’t leave the race card at the bottom of the deck, even while expressing pathetic sadness over the terrorist slaughter of Americans, on American soil, by an oppressed minority, who happened to shout Allah u Akhbar before asserting his interpretation of diversity.

And just as Hillary and Paterson preside over the commissioning of a warship built from the ruins of 9-11 their charade, along with Pelosi’s is echoed by a very politically astute jellyfish  off the coast of Japan.

Meanwhile the justice and domestic tranquility files are awash in what has become a numbing tide of bloodshed. How bad is it? We have to go as far as Saudi Arabia to find an effective means of registering sex offenders! While the American Just-a-System is decidedly more creative, it’s far less effective.

So while California student council officials confirm the assertion of Personhood made by Colorado’s Gualberto Garcia Jones, other Americans work daily to construct a system of laws and justice that can once again be called superior to that of Saudi Arabia.

And then there’s the latest crash of the so-called “god machine“… Leave it to atheistic, evolutionists disguised as scientists to continue in their delusion of worshiping Dagon even after he’s fallen.

It’s all on the show this week folks. Give a listen…

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