A Habitable Zone

Join you favorite conservative talk show host and his extremely attractive audio engineer as the news of the day is revealed through the lens of original thought.

The Boy Scouts have decided to release another trial balloon regarding allowing queers along on for the Jamboree, Mars wants you! The Chechen Islamobomb comes to Boston, Bashar Assad’s warns America about arming terrorists worse than even himself, and democracy in Iraq fails to overcome the dominant Satanic religion of Islam.

From the Science!… really? file, so called scientists say they’ve found multiple planets that could theoretically, possible sustain the potential for something like liquid water, and therefore could obviously support life! Stephen Hawking continues seducing college co-eds with stories of origins designed to absolve them of their sins apart from God…

Meanwhile on the streets of America the Moslem’s took their pound of flesh this week, but the humanists took even more in the form of suicide, rape, murder, more murder, and attempted murder.

Judges continue to force their heathen worldview upon Christians,  college professors compare pro-life activists to a lynch mob, homosexuals are getting a killer brain disease in West Hollywood, almost everyone’s on drugs, (Anthony Weiner’s career proves it), and we wonder aloud if one could be tried and executed for clicking “like” on Facebook?

Will we one day be tried for the views we express here on America’s most compelling hour of conservative talk? One way or another… yes! We will. Tune in and enjoy folks….