Homeland Terror

As America’s most significant conservative talk show we take our responsibilities seriously here at the Weekly Worldview…

Listen in and this week you’ll discover the reasons behind  about the speeding destruction of the Boy Scouts, marriage & adoption.

Then there’s the piles of homos at work, the trannies in therapy, the gangsters running the jails, the gangsters running Chicago, the Taliban in America, and the drug addicts everywhere!

We get to the bottom of the DHS bullet buying controversy, but wonder aloud if IEDs on a New York bound train, fuel barges exploding off Alabama, & gunfire at a nuclear power plant might mean the terrorists are indeed among us and starting to strike.

The Boston Terrorist’s mom follows Alex Jones almost as much as her eldest son did, The Boston Red Sox defile the memory of the bombing victims, Barry Ho blushes for Planned Parenthood, an upscale cult sacrifices an infant, and Moslems go insane in Egypt.

And finally there’s a government school in Florida that wants to spank their kids, while a study at Harvard shows that belief in God can stave off insanity!

It’s all here folks: the stories the other conservative talkers missed, and a brighter light shone on the ones you might have heard about, but now can better understand.